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  1. The ones that make art with the characters promoting a hateful or authoritarian regime of any kind, though I take a particular disdain to Fascists. The ones that do you know what. I'm not saying any more than that because it's beyond cringy. It's downright disgusting. X( The ones who are constantly bickering about the show "jumping the shark." Seriously?
  2. Watching S1 E5 of the Amazing World of Gumball.
  3. I was crafting a new signature... Totally wasn't doing it in Paint.
  4. In the state they are running today, none. But In my opinion, Star VS the Forces of Evil and We Bare Bears are up there pretty close.
  5. Mega Thread

    "Wait... TODAY'S THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE RELEASE OF DIAMOND AND PEARL IN NORTH AMERICA! Happy Ashday (It's supposed to be a joke about Ash's lack of aging in the anime... whatever), Sinnoh! Nintendo, please remake this gen? PLEEEEAAASSEEE???? "
  6. I just watched every episode of We Bare Bears that's aired... in 2 days O.o What am I doing with my life?

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    2. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      @Griffin the Pony That doesn't sound like a bad idea actually! :P 

    3. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut


      What am I doing with my life?

      Watching a really good cartoon, of course. ;)

    4. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      @Dark Qiviut Luigi agrees with that statement. :P

  7. Food

    A box of raisins... Why do I need to do this...
  8. Web

    A dank meme. *Pinch Emoji*
  9. I really didn't like the new episode. I didn't think parental drama could be handled in a way I'd enjoy it, and I didn't end up enjoying it. So far my least favorite episode of the season by a lot, to be honest. I'd probably give it a 5/10.

  10. Probably not. My dislike of physical activity isn't that easy to reverse. Plus, if she tried hard enough I might start hating her as a result of it...
  11. General

    I took it and these were my results:
  12. Why can I still hear an ad if it's muted? -_-

    1. Celtore


      Maybe youve heard it so often you can subconsciously hear it in your head?

  13. I looked it up, and that's the actual word for it...
  14. I consider myself a polysexual at this point in time, because I feel like pansexual seems too inclusive. I also lean heavily towards men. It is usually used to refer to a heterosexual male that's feminine, but I think it would make sense if it also applied to masculine heterosexual female as well.