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  1. Oh hey, old friend. I'd ask how you're doing, but I don't have to do that because I already know. Plus you're banned and all, so what's the purpose?


    Also we're the same person anyways

  2. Real shame I had to leave this one behind. People actually knew me by this name.

    1. Xoomy228


      What got you banned?

    2. Spoopy


      I forgot the password to my old account and the email I used for it so I had to make a new one instead... :lie:

    3. Xoomy228


      That's a sad turn of events. I can't say I am not familiar to it. :ButtercupLaugh:
      Judging some of the the metrics it seems like you've overtaken the old account. Not by follower count, but honestly there is simply not as much people running around anymore. I guess Luigi is doomed to be number two, in some areas.

  3. luigi luigi luigi!!

  4. Started playing Battlerite this morning. It's a pretty interesting game. I've played some of it and it's somewhat enjoyable when my FPS isn't garbage.
  5. Yet another post where I have no idea what you're even talking about...
  6. There's quite a few games I wish I could go back in time for, considering I'm reduced to playing PC games and emulations my PC can run without bad FPS :/ - Fourth Gen Pokémon. I say Fourth Gen specifically because I absolutely loved the experience Sinnoh had while it lasted for me. Only played Gold version since, and I just didn't enjoy it nearly as much. If I offended people who grew up with it, sorry, but I just find it to be the worst of the main series games. That doesn't mean I think it's bad though, in fact it's actually a pretty amazing game that just had a few problems that made me not able to enjoy it as much as other games. - Team Fortress 2, back before the End of the Line Update. The game was probably the most fun I'd ever had, and since End of the Line has only been cranking out updates that make it feel like a shadow of its former self. Well, that is kind of what it is at this point. The game used to be a game that I could sit for hours on end, and NEVER get bored of. I could always go to a different sort of lobby (played a lot of KOTH and Versus Ponyville) and have a fresh experience. - Super Smash Bros. Melee/Wii U. I really missed playing the whole series, but I missed these two in particular because I found them to be such fun. Heck, I'm not half bad at playing either. I beat my brother, the second best Ike in San Antonio at the time, multiple times with my Yoshi. But Ike is pretty low tier and for good reason... Melee is the first game I ever completed 100%, and of course I have nostalgia for that. When I FINALLY unlocked Mr. Game and Watch, it felt so good that I finally unlocked everyone there was. - Most every game I used to have. I have quite a bit of nostalgia for the simpler times, when I sat up at four in the morning beating Contact's final boss, when I sat in the car while me, my brother, and my parents drove halfway across the country, playing Kirby Superstar Ultra. When I tried to 100% Double Dash, and ultimately did... All of those experiences have been lost to time, and I wish I could have them back...
  7. Basically every Youtube video I've ever made. They're really cringy. I deleted them all and good riddance. I really needed better quality control of the content. Also really regret EVER playing League of Legends, it was probably one of the worst decisions I ever made. Sadly enough, I've thought of coming back to it. Also regret being an annoying pest to my brother (and probably other people) when I was younger. If I had to deal with someone like I used to be, now... Those among probably a lot of other things... Seriously, the old cringe as well as bad decisions would probably fill at least an entire page...
  8. The game was actually in a really good state a few months ago, but Hi-Rez completely messed it up since and now it's basically not even enjoyable anymore. Doesn't help that it has the most toxic subreddit I've ever seen (I have seen a good few bad ones), though that perception may be because of the fact that I haven't been to some of the more infamous communities (like TheDonald, MensRights or TwoXChromosomes), and I'm happy about that because of the terrible things I've heard...
  9. I was talking about Paladins here as well, because I actually got an infraction on their official forum for sharing an opinion FROM THE GAME'S LEAD COMMUNITY MANAGER. I was so angry with her for the longest time, not thinking that she wasn't a problem, Hi-Rez's higher-ups, as well as a prickish mod doing their dirty work (got a lot of other nonsense reports from him) and having the audacity to lie about being a volunteer mod (well clearly not, or else there's no way he'd be so clearly in their pocket), are. They literally try to silence members of their own community that don't entirely agree with their perspective on the game's direction, and the subreddit took it a step further, actually ATTACKING (I mean as in PERSONAL ATTACKS, it's THAT BAD) people that don't agree with the perspective that Hi-Rez is taking the game in a good direction (or on their perception of the game's meta either), and they totally would have silenced me if it were in their power. Doesn't matter anyways because they clearly don't want me or anybody that disagrees with them on there anyways. I guess the mini-rant is over. Hasbro's that way also, though, and they were such pricks to that poor girl...
  10. Intentionally not listening to entire sections of their consumers/audience/playerbase is quite the flaw, and by the terminology, you probably can tell I think Hasbro isn't the only company that has that problem (*cough cough* Hi-Rez, except with a specific section of the Paladins playerbase *cough cough*). Of course I mean they should listen to us, but not on ideas like I think you're talking about here, because those ideas are terrible, especially for shows like this one x_x...
  11. Oh I don't know, because we buy stuff from them related to the show, and that just happens to be exactly why they made it in the first place? Even if that weren't the case, it would be downright stupid if they tried to not listen to a part of their audience because 'they aren't the target audience." It's honestly a pretty dumb excuse.
  12. Honestly, I haven't even watched the new movie yet, and I never really had high expectations for it, considering the first Equestria Movie was fairly mediocre (though true, it happened to be the one considered to be the worst of the three), and I haven't watched the other two yet (partially because of a specific problem I had with the movie involving the way the mane six are animated as humans, but mostly because the first movie left me not really caring). Though I also don't understand why people get so irritated with other people expressing disappointment, it's a bit ridiculous and honestly a bit childish, and I also fail to understand why some people think they know you had high standards for something because you said you were disappointed with it, basically acting like their opinion of it is the only valid opinion. I've seen this done A LOT over the movie. It's a bit different than what I expect out of the series itself, though, where I expect the episodes to be fairly good most of the time (I mean MOST considering there where some episodes I went in with low standards looking at descriptions of an episode, and was disappointed even then (Hard to Say Anything)...). The series usually delivers on the expectation I have of it most of the time, so it's actually pretty reasonable for me to have it.
  13. Well, apparently someone recently ran Super Mario Odyssey in under an hour and 10 minutes.

    Pretty ridiculous what some people have already been able to do with this game, honestly.