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  1. General

    Watching GMod and SFM videos from the glory days of TF2.
  2. Web

  3. Character B is the better written one to me (By the way, that's Starlight Glimmer. The other is Sunset Shimmer). Both are written well enough, but I prefer Starlight.
  4. I've said this in a Youtube comment section and I'll say it again: 1984 is happening.
  5. Why do these Stingy memes have to be so good?


  6. General

    I was posting a status scoring each current episode of season seven out of ten. Seems to be improving now (my opinion, of course)...
  7. Ratings for each Season 7 episode after Episode 11:

    Episode 1: 8.5/10

    Episode 2: 7.5/10

    Episode 3: 5/10

    Episode 4: 6/10

    Episode 5: 9/10

    Episode 6: 5.5/10

    Episode 7: 6.5/10

    Episode 8: 2.5/10

    Episode 9: 5.5/10

    Episode 10: 9.75/10

    Episode 11: 8.25/10

  8. spoiler

    I don't have much to say about this episode: It developed on the Yaks a little bit, for good mostly, and Pinkie was done fairly well. All in all, a fairly good episode. I give it a solid 8/10.
  9. Movies/TV

    Star Trek: Enterprise. Specific episode was "Carbon Creek."
  10. *Goes to play Lawbreakers beta*
    *Extreme lag*
    Well, I guess not then.

  11. Let's see: Walking around the house Occasionally helping my dad That's about it... I don't do any real exercise because I don't want to. Particularly when it's so humid and hot for most of the day that I sweat profusely just sitting in front of my computer (it's pretty bad)... I really, really don't like Texas weather.
  12. When you wake up at four in the morning for no reason, and stay up... x_x

    1. Kyoshi


      This exact thing happened to me yesterday. I hate that feeling of waking up sooner than expected and not falling back to sleep. :| 

  13. spoiler

    The episode that aired today is perhaps the best MLP episode there's ever been, but it makes me no more hyped for this...
  14. Mega Thread

    Like a human raisin.
  15. I have no words for how absolutely amazing the most recent episode is.

    10 Ballerina Twilights out of 10.