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    "There's more to life than video games,sure you can sit at home and do nothing but play video games,but would'nt be cooler if you explored the world and made your own video game for others and also make a difference in others lifes.
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    Minecraft,Pokemon X and Y,mlp,comics,creepypastas,music,and exploring the World and helping homeless people,kids,uneducated kids and generally just making people smile and maybe I'LL get them to Giggle at the Ghosties while I'm at it.

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    Crystal Pony

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    What's Your Catchphrase?!

    "POOF!POOF!MUFFINS!" Is my Catch phrase. Oops almost forgot one... "That's not the correct way to eat food my Lady."

    Advanced Love story

    umm... im not sure... all i know is that he was possessed by slender...

    Advanced Love story

    If someone decides to love my OC they can but they must the ties between him and his past... in other words his past will effect thy future... If you wanna be my oc's lover you may...

    Advanced Love story

    If you decide you want to be you can but my OC will Probably NOT get a lover but yeah i will take away some stuff now and then but i dont care about attention,if people decide to give it a chance they can...

    Advanced Love story

    in the end almost everyone gets a lover,but my Oc is not to be toyed with but i will let people choose who they love in this story,first you must gain the trust of My oc so he doesnt kill you.then you can love or hate anyone,just saying if spmeone were to try and love Shadow Knight i hope they like Black magic. :comeatus: Shadow Knights power comes from his hatred of people and untrust,but you get him to like you and trust you he will slowly Demenish in power and too much affection could send him to his utter Doom.

    Advanced Love story

    whats that mean sir? :okiedokielokie:

    Advanced Love story

    Ok sure but most of the deaths are done by my oc and his black magic,but yeh u can be in it and it is now unlocked.

    Advanced Love story

    Soon.Very Very Soon.

    Advanced Love story

    You really want me to be Specific? well ok lets see if you make a bad choice you will be killed in some horrible way. And yes we are continuing it.

    Are you scared of needles?

    Im FUCKING scaried of those things,when i get my shots i wonder what happen if they trip and stab me somewhere else like my eyeball.

    What's in the box? SPECULATION THREAD (S4 Premier Spoilers)

    To me i think its another element of somekind...

    Advanced Love story

    I am creating a story that makes you choose every now and then until you get to the end of the story the rules are as follows:No trolling,No Nsfw,and have fun but you might want to think about youre choices or you may end up Dying

    Open Love story

    Then one pony decides not to leave quitely and punches you in the face then in the stomach then you see me with Smoke coming out of my eyes and I say:"YOU SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT...Oh im GONNA ENJOY THIS!"to the pony that punched you.Then I pick him up and Say : "Where's you're GOD NOW!"Then i make a sword out of Black Magic and stab him then i whistle and Slender Colt comes and picks up that pony and teleports away,and i collapse on the ground.Do you get help or carry him to help?

    Open Love story

    yes you are wondering about this world then i say:Im Shadow Knight and i need you to get up or ill pick up but you wont like it...then Five other ponies show and they harrassing Me What would you do try and save me or leave me?Once again life or death situation.

    Open Love story

    Ok so I (Shadow Knight) find you and wake you up and he reach out my hoof to help you get up. Do you let me help you up?Make the right choice,cause one leads to certain death and the other leads you to Love...Choose wisely to seal your fate.If you Die you restart back from here.