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    "There's more to life than video games,sure you can sit at home and do nothing but play video games,but would'nt be cooler if you explored the world and made your own video game for others and also make a difference in others lifes.
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    Minecraft,Pokemon X and Y,mlp,comics,creepypastas,music,and exploring the World and helping homeless people,kids,uneducated kids and generally just making people smile and maybe I'LL get them to Giggle at the Ghosties while I'm at it.

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  1. Follow me on Twitter @KHenLopunny!

  2. Calling all of my friends!!!!Im back and im hurt kinda,small cut but i'll survive.

    1. Malinter


      so no blood transfusions or plastic surgery needed then? shame *hides mad science kit*


      It healing fine.kinda.#ZambieApocalypsebecauseofme

  3. Just got home from School!ForeverFrozen Does you have my bananas?Also Everyone at my School knows that im dating someone.Yay!

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    2. CrimsonWeb

      Sorry I didn't respond right away.Was making out with her.

    4. CrimsonWeb
  4. Just Gotta Giggle at the Ghosties!

  5. I am school and It is Total Chaos here...Does this happen everytime i'm sick!?!

  6. I'm going back to school today!


      I guess that people will find out that I'm dating someone now...

  7. Hey Just wanted to say all of my friends you guys are awesome if you are not my friend on here friend request me i'll accept it.

  8. So im cuddling with my gf and 2 seconds later i feel my super fluffy cat lay next to my face.Cat hair everywhere!

  9. Cuddling wif my gf...I think she's asleep...

  10. At the Gas station getting something and on mobile version of Mlpforums