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  1. the sane of us will continue unphased, proceeding with their lives, unhindered by the activity (or lack thereof) in a forum for a cartoon the others will slowly descend further into their madness once they realize how meaningless their lives are without this place. Then they'll go to another forum and repeat the cycle of stupidity until our sun swallows the earth
  2. Came for the title, stayed for the pizza
  3. I need to stop debating creationists.

    1. Mand'alor Dash

      Mand'alor Dash

      Your first mistake was indulging them.

    2. Static Electricity
  4. I don't think you can get to 7'4 with genes alone o_o A secret Make a thread-friendly error message : >
  5. Be 6'4 Graduate college Eat an entire pizza by myself
  6. Not what I'm saying at all. Simply put, many Pagans and Satanists ask for more evidence, reasoning, and logic from other religions than they do from their own.
  7. Because a crapton of Pagans spend a lot of time debating against Christians and Muslims, yet refuse to put their religion to nearly the same level of scrutiny as they do to other religion.
  8. It seems like a lot of "Pagans" and "Satanists" in here only follow their religions because of the edginess factor. I seriously doubt half of these people would like to put it up to scrutiny. No no, he merely said that a person can't force themselves to believe in something. of course, to an extent you can choose what you believe, but you can't go and say "I'm gonna believe in the Greek gods today!" So? You're in the debate pit, wether something offends you really isn't important. Get over yourself.
  9. How do you tell when someone is standing up to scrutiny?

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    2. Remnants


      I have my doubts. Sometimes it's people just pushing an opinion without asking the opposition any questions.

      Care to fill in for WZRD LZRD while he's away?

    3. Static Electricity

      Static Electricity

      Sure, I might go offline every now and then, but I'll do my best.

    4. Remnants


      Thanks, man. Give it all you got.

  10. Adventure Time > MLP The Holy Grail of unpopular opinions
  11. if somebody does genuinely identify as a pizza, then yes, that identity is valid

  12. Lemonhope Part 2 has a really depressing ending