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    I'm so lazy, I've gone into the negative laziness and have become productive again, sometimes.
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    XCOM (Enough Said)
    Destiny (← Amazing game)
    Dark Souls (← Easily game of the year every year)
    Shin Megami tensei (Persona) Series (← Best RPG series ever)
    Role Playing
    Blade And Soul
    TERA (Part of Anarchist Alliance on Celestial Hills)
    Questioning Reality
    Make people hate me (One of my favourite pass times)
    Conspiracy theories (Mainly making stupid ones for fun)
    The Human Brain and understanding how people can act the ways they do without feeling shame, resentment, idiocy, embarrassment. How people can be so ignorant to the situation in front of them and are never able to see problems emerging from within their own actions and somehow manage to live in denial that they ever doing anything wrong and that they have faults. And also how some people can be so bad at reading messages and sensing the mood. I brain of a moron is a fascinating thing indeed.

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