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    I love nature, reading, video games, acting, singing and taking pictures of interesting and beautiful things when I go somewhere to sightsee :)

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About Me

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Haaaaa no not really ^_^


Hi there! Just some chick from El Salvador who used to come around alot but not so much :catface: Anyways I'm still up for making some new friends if you're interested in chatting with little 'ol me :) So keep on browsing and maybe you'll find something interesting.


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So what's there to say about meh? Well I'm 18 going on 19 very soon. I love me some books!! And movies and chocolate and lemonade and cherries and cheese and well many other wonderful things :catface: I used to be more involved in the fandom and loved the show to death but sadly I've become a little distant from all that, although I have no problem with keeping in touch with all you lovely people ;) I still hold onto my inner brony though, never truly letting her go, in fact I still have my Pinkie Pie plush whom I still hug tightly every night :blush: She was and still is my favorite pony actually :pinkie:

Hobbies include reading, playing on my phone, computer games, talking to friends, having fun and turning up the crazy anywhere I go, watching TV shows I love (American Horror Story :wub: !!!!) including some guilty pleasure telenovelas :kindness: Also listening to music, singing songs, thinking of them, constantly and randomly singing songs from my favorite band or any jam I'm hooked on for that matter and always referencing songs with my friends. I basically live and breathe music, it's what I always depend on for a good day.


What can I say? B)




I also speak full Spanish as I am a tried and true Latina so if there are any members here who are a part of my people, Hola!!!!! :pinkie:


I also want to add that I'm a bit of a professional voice actress as well. Nothing beyond internet stuff for small companies and websites and the like, but it's something, and I'm definitely proud of my work and progress and hope to achieve my dreams of becoming a real professional voice actress one day, along with a theater, Hollywood television and movie actress as well :kindness:




Now I'm sure you're asking yourselves, who's the lovely and handsome dude that's been appearing as you scroll down my profile. Well that would be Brendon Urie the lead singer (and only remaining member) of my favorite band Panic! at the Disco whom I fell in love with a few months ago and have already gone through all their albums and bonus songs and pretty much everything :fluttershy: So yeah if you're a Panic! fan, hit me up!!! I'd love to meet some of you.


My fave Panic! songs (in no particular order):




Build God Then We'll Talk


The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage




The Calendar


Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)


The Ballad of Mona Lisa


Emperor's New Clothes


This is Gospel


But It's Better If You Do

When The Day Met The Night


Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)


Pas de Cheval


Northern Downpour


That Green Gentleman


There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet (Dat name doh xD)


Nine in the Afternoon


New Perspective






and sure why not? The classic I Write Sins Not Tragedies :pout:

I'm also a big BoJack Horseman fan, it's a show that made me really reflect on what I want for my future and my current state of living life. To any animation fans here, I highly recommend it, really I can't do that enough. It just might change your life. It's also a whole lot of fun!! :pinkie:


Related image


So peeps, that's a dose of what makes me....well me. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to hit me up and chat!