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  1. Right after finally hitting the end of a rather lengthy staircase, Vivid Clover slammed the door shut behind her, promptly barricading it with any and every material she could find nearby. Panting heavily, she sat down while pressing a hoof against her chest, perhaps being able to regain her breath at last. She scanned the area around, and found herself at the rooftops of Canterlot. The beige mare had arrived at the city a few minutes earlier. She was planning to move to the main central portion of it, where the royal castle was located. However, she wasn’t quite expecting to be surrounded by what seemed to be a dozen of Undead ponies. Desperately scurrying for a place to hide, she had entered the first building in sight and hurried along towards the higher ground. Feeling relatively safe once atop, Clover looked down at the streets, from where she was able to secure a good-enough view of the dreadful situation below. At that point in time, she was just doing everything in her power to stay alive: even when it meant having to kill them whenever running away wasn’t possible. After all, not much else could be done by herself alone. Once Equestria fell apart, adapting to the smell of blood and the slaughter of every day seemed to be the best - if not only - option. The war between the dark army and the harmony-loving ponies was far from over. After resting briefly, she decided to wait a few minutes longer for the enemies below to diminish in quantity. In the meanwhile, she would try and set up another small, basic bonfire with rocks and sticks she’d brought from the forest. She levitated two of the stones and struck them against each other, managing to ignite the sticks. She didn’t know how long it would last; she only hoped it would be enough. Grasping her enhancing talisman, she waited.
  2. @ Oh, by the way, if you don't mind me asking, how exactly do the Husks/Undead behave? Are they like decaying, slow-but-strong type of zombie-like enemies, or do they actually run and chase people down?
  3. @ What if I told you that I was actually about to send you a message asking if you wanted to join this RP? Glad to be roleplaying with ya again~ @ Sure thing, we can start the RP now'ish... I'm going to bed in a just a few hours, though.
  4. I'm actually drawing something... Send help.

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    2. Lume WMj

      Lume WMj

      Trying to draw a proper picture for Vivid Clover. It's turning out... "meh", I'd say.

    3. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      I'm sure it's better as "meh" people always say that of their own work when it's actually really good :3

    4. Lume WMj

      Lume WMj

      I always thought the Ponymaker image would look way better than anything I could draw, but it shouldn't hurt to give it a try... We'll see.:P

  5. "Documenting, huh?... Well, that does sound like a great idea. As far as we know, we could be making history here." Clover said, showing a few traces of enthusiasm. "That's also just what I'd expect from you, Professor. Good thinking." Then she smiled. Not too long after that, Summer Breeze came back with a plate full of pancakes and laid them on the table. "I see..." She said, thoughtful, whilst levitating a pancake for herself. "That could be really helpful during the exploration. You know; flying around. Celestia knows what awaits us in that island, so I'm counting on you to give us the bird's-eye view of the situation." She then took a bite out of the breakfast meal and was immediately taken aback. "Mmm!..." She mumbled while still chewing, politely covering her mouth with a hoof, as to signal that she had something important to say. "Ten out of ten." She concluded after swallowing. @ "Hey Jack-o, don't you wanna try some? I'm sure there's enough for everypony." She called out to their captain. Even though Jacky had that permanent eerie aura surrounding her, Clover didn't want her to feel left out. After all, they were part of the same crew for the time being.
  6. @ Yeah, it seems like it... I don't know why, though. I think it's a very interesting and unique concept for a RP. I'll see what I can do to reel people in~
  7. Hello. Yesterday I went to a friend's party and I talked with a few people that I met there about learning languages - more specifically, about learning English (since it isn't our native language). They told me that, no matter how hard they studied, they could never reach a decent level of speaking. But when they asked me how I managed to learn it, it was honestly kinda hard to explain. I've never really taken any specific English classes aside from the basics they teach in schools. I've learned everything I know today basically by myself, either from watching foreign movies, from playing video-games or from spending way too much time on the internet. Because of that, I personally think that English is rather easy to learn, given that it's commonly considered the universal language and all that. However, I find that most people here in my country don't share this same opinion. It's actually pretty difficult to find someone that speaks English fluently here, and when they do, it's because they studied it a lot throughout their lives. So that kept me wondering: just how hard is it to learn a new language? Do some people have an easier time than others? As long as you're determined enough, is it possible to learn any other language if you want to? How many languages do you know, and how did you learn them?
  8. I personally find it very important to just let it all out before those negative feelings take over. I've been depressed before, and just speaking from the heart to my family and close friends helped me overcome it more than anything else ever could. Even when you don't know exactly what's bothering you so much, just being around your loved ones is the best medicine~ c:
  9. @ Oh wow, this looks very interesting. I'm not very familiar with the Dark Souls series, but I really hope this isn't too much of a problem. I'd love to join in if I could. c: I'd like to use Vivid Clover for this. As for a starting class, I'm kind of uncertain... My character isn't much of a fighter in general, but I was wondering if there's any class that uses throwing weapons like knives or chakrams, I could use that. Otherwise, I guess she could make-do as a Cleric for a while.
  10. Just started playing Undertale... Am I late for the party? :v

    1. Retro*Derpy


      Lots of memes ahead!

  11. @@Crecious, I don't have much experience with 1x1 RP's, but this might be fun. I'm willing to give this a shot~ If you want to, you can take a look at my characters and at some of the RP's I've participated in the past, then we can talk details. Hopefully I can meet your expectations.
  12. "Sounds good to me!" Clover said, giving Summer Breeze a wholehearted smile and a nod expressing gratitude. Pancakes really did sound like a delicious way to start the day - anything other than the canned tuna she had been consuming ever since setting off from Oturna would most definitely be pleasing to her stomach. Furthermore, she was also a bit curious as to how good of a cook Summer Breeze was. As for herself, fried eggs was by far the best trick she could pull off. She went over to the main cabin's dining table and patiently awaited their meal. "So, what have you guys been up to these last few days? Getting ready for our little expedition?"
  13. @, @@Summer Breeze, @@Unicorncob, When she heard their Captain speaking, Clover had just woken up from a reinvigorating, well-spent night of sleep. She rubbed her eyes, exhaled a lengthy yawn and stretched out her limbs, before arriving at the deck where Jacky was. "I guess 'magical' really is the right word... I thought we would never see land again." She said, still somewhat dozy. It had been a long trip, but it seemed like they had finally arrived at their destination. Clover walked closer towards the ship's prow from where she could get a better view of the mysterious Deverol. The first word that came to her mind upon seeing the island was 'exotic'. She wondered just how much of it had been already charted, and how much of it was yet to be explored. The feeling of adventure was quite unfamiliar to the gambling mare, given how much she was used to the life in the city. Getting appropriately excited, she couldn't help but to smile. "...I am starving." She mentioned, coming back to her senses. "Anypony else?"
  14. *potato eating intensifies* Attack on Titan is a fantastic series; definitely one of my favorites. I find it very unique the way some of the characters deal with their fears and personal dilemmas, making them extremely real and relatable, which I think is kind of rare between the majority of shounen anime out there. Not to mention the jaw-dropping animation. I mean, the 3D Maneuver Gear has to be one of the most awesome looking things ever!