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  1. The only problem now are the many head cannons. The only thing that would be better would be seeing Scootaloo`s parents. Though, my cutie mark headcannon completely abolished. Looks like I must revise my fic.
  2. I love this. I can't believe they got the marks like that! *screaming* Please more Cutie Mark Crusader episodes, please! I need more of them. Plus more Diamond.
  3. I am SUPER excited! Though, I wish there were more cutie mark crusader episodes. I`d like a Diamond Tiara one.
  4. Dr. Light shine; Audio Night 1: Welcome to the Rainbow Factory Horror Historical Exhibit! Feast your eyes on the animatronics as they come to life! Now, here at the Factory, we value our employees. However, we are not responsible for any mishaps that might go on. Did I forget to mention they walk around here at night? Well, you better check the vents and camera while I'm talking, just to make sure they are in the right locations. Did you see Nightmare Moon? Her story was my favorite. She's more active later, but be careful or if the power runs dry. The days get harder, but lucki
  5. The same reason tiny details pissed off American parents. (Derpy) ^^;
  6. Many normal people wouldn’t wee it as much, but with the episode mentioned above..clearly people just tend to.
  7. The episode was aired in other countries, but because of what it presented it presented...yeah. The girls gave up their powers, thinking it'll help everyone. (They want to be normal) The Town also does so, except with freedom. If anything, Cutie Markless is like a revamped version. Even with what the girls told the villain. (Though, the ponies wanted their marks and didn't worship the mane 6.)
  8. I just have this dreaded feeling that Cutie Markless isn't going to stay on air, or won't be aired much. I'm going to get so much hate for saying that. I loved it (Its my favorite season premier), but I just have a feeling that it's going to get controversial. If only because the LAST cartoon that tried the same premise wasn't aired in America. When I first saw this episode, my head went to the PPGs, the episode: See me Feel me Gnomey. Cutie Markless handled this topic better (It felt scary, dark. The PPG's just felt off.) but I can't help but worry if parents will like it. Mayb
  9. Scootadress


    I love Scootaloo, that's given. I'm fascinated with Diamond because of her Lunaverse self. Lol.
  10. Can I add to this? Can the CMC get cutie marks that aren't as obvious as we thought? (I.e:Scootaloo isn't just a great pony that likes scooters, Sweetie Belle just doesn't sing, and Apple Bloom doesn't just build)
  11. Scootadress


    I made an ask account with an aged up Scootaloo (real name is Scatenata, I imagine Scootaloo is a nickname) and Diamond Tiara. Enjoy a kiss.
  12. Kleptoshy wanted to apologize for being absent the best way she could.
  13. Kleptoshy wanted to apologize for being absent the best way she could.
  14. I'm getting an android tablet for Christmas this year after recent events that transpired this year. In particular-Samsung Tab 4, 7 or 8 inches. Anyone know any good programs for the tablets? I'd appreciate it.
  15. I want a girlfriend thats not always depressed and angry all the time. One that doesn't stress me out with how angry she is at her life. Its really taxing-I think I'm going insane a bit. Yet-I love her, which is odd. Its conflicting, but thats what I want.
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