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  1. LunATiC_98

    Music What's better? Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake?

    If I had to choose between Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake, I would have to go with Gangnam Style. Harlem Shake, well, is hilarious and all, but I don't seem to like how you only go on all-random movements looking like an idiot and something like that.
  2. LunATiC_98

    Who is your favorite Brony on YouTube?

    Oh hey! It's my GIF! :3 I didn't know that you kept it. Now it looks like you found a good use for it to refer to some of DeusGear's YouTube posts. xD
  3. LunATiC_98

    Hello. ^^

    Thanks! And I sure do love Princess Luna! And yep I'm actually having a very great time here! Thanks. Wait what thing are you talking about when you said "Link in my thing"? I'm not sure about what you're referring to. Lol xD
  4. A warm welcome to you, Mister. It saddens me to see people in deep problems. Hopefully all of us will try our best to help you with your problems. With that said, we hope that you will feel better in your stay here.
  5. LunATiC_98


    Hello, Frazor! Welcome to the forums. I don't actually have Dead Island 2 though, and also the GMod that I own is not legit ( Yeah, I'm a pirate :/ ) so I may not be able to play with you, maybe someday I will be able to. I just don't know.
  6. LunATiC_98

    Hey ponies!

    Hello and welcome to the MLP Forums, MrDeadpool! I have little knowledge about the forums still though as I've just signed up here yesterday. I'm pretty sure that someday you will get the feel of this place, maybe by exploring. xD Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  7. LunATiC_98

    Mastermax888 has joined the MLP Forums!

    Yes! The Great Legion will surely be well-presented! And about the banner, It's on "My Settings ->> Signature", commander!
  8. LunATiC_98

    Hello. ^^

    Of course you can call me that. It kinda sounds cute though. Lol xD And that's some awesome thing ya have done, aku. Thanks, and yup I'll have a very wonderful experience here! Thanks! And honestly I never actually thought that my name is that cool xD And being here is actually 20% more enjoyable than life Oh yeah! Such a great welcome with Trixie Dancing. :3
  9. LunATiC_98

    Greetings from the cold north!

    YES! The Foreign Bronies definitely need more power! Maybe soon.
  10. LunATiC_98

    Greetings from the cold north!

    Hello and welcome to MLP Forums, Jinnai! I'm also quite lonely here where I live since I'm the only Brony in real life.. Sure, there are some Bronies here in the Philippines but nowhere near where I am at. And I think I wouldn't bother translating what you said because I'll surely just use Google Translate Lol
  11. LunATiC_98

    Who is your favorite Brony on YouTube?

    Before I knew about you, (and your sanity-destroying YouTube vids xD) the Bronies who are YouTubers that I liked were the ones who make Brony-made musics (SimGretina, TheLivingTombstone, and so on) I wasn't really searching for the Bronies who were like gamers that time, but ever since I got to know about your channel through watching your Luna Game series, (Because at those times I was interested in creepypastas and MLP creepypasta games, especially Luna Game) I find your channel to be amusing, so I decided to sub to you. And on that time, to me, you are my most favorite YouTuber, and still is at present.
  12. LunATiC_98

    I sure hope I don't get lost in here

    Welcome, Evo! And to know that you're a programmer, to me that's amazing! This year, Programming (Specifically VB6 Programming) is the topic I have on my computer class at my Junior High School days. I'll see what I can do at that topic. Maybe someday I can be a programmer too.
  13. LunATiC_98

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    Do my parents know that I'm a brony? I might answer that question with a Yes and a no. Yes because last Christmas, actually that was a day before Christmas, me, my elder brother and my mother went to the mall. I then decided to ask my mom that we go to a toy store because I was going to buy a toy. (I didn't tell what I was going to buy.) When I went to get an MLP toy figure (They were the Crystal Empire pack ones) that's when my mom knew I liked these ponies. (FYI my elder brother already knew about it before my mom) My mom talked about the toy I bought to my dad and they didn't seem to think I was gay or anything, so yeah. I also answered No, because unfortunately, neither my mom nor my dad knows the term 'Brony' and have no knowledge about the show either. My bro does, though, since we sleep in the same room.
  14. LunATiC_98

    Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    My favorite ponies: Mane 6 - Fluttershy. I seem to relate a lot to her. In real life, I'm a very kind person, also a shy one, and I seem to find it hard to assert myself. Princess - Princess Luna. I seem to like her a lot. Actually even more than Fluttershy. Background Pony - I like both Octavia and DJ P0N-3 equally. Vinyl because he's awesome and Tavi because of her classical taste in music. (Mind you, I have different favorite genres of music, so maybe my taste in music is rather random. xD) But if I had to pick one, it's got to be DJ P0N-3. I liked her first before I felt an equality of likes for both Vinyl and Tavi. CMC - Uh, I think I like 4 of them equally. Villain - Discord. He was the best antagonist amongst the 3 other villains. If I had to only pick one from what I have mentioned above, my most favorite amongst all of them would have to be Princess Luna. I just seem to like her a lot, and I do mean a lot.
  15. LunATiC_98

    Hello everypony!

    Hey Austin! It seems like most Bronies here enjoy your remixes! Keep up the awesome work on them remixes.