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    I am a huge Gamer, I love playing games just for the fun and story behind them. Video games are just books that you can take control of the main character.
    I love anime, watching anime just makes me happy sometimes same thing with cartoons. The subtle messages in cartoons and the series plots of anime just give me a good boost of YEAH.
    I am getting into programming and video editing.

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  1. who else is gonna be at otakon this year>

  2. Otakon here i come.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DarkParu



      Meet up sounds like a good idea, when are you going to be there?

    3. lardbobobo


      I'm going to the matsuri thing tomorrow even though it's probably gonna rain like hell.


      So like, basically whenever you want to meet up.

    4. DarkParu


      Whats the matsuri thing? I was planning on going to their thing at the ale house tomorrow i know that much. Pm info to contact you and we can make plans.



  3. Next game i should speed run? Idk

    1. sunne


      Mirror's edge if you haven't already

  4. DarkParu


    Welcome to the forum, And having fun is good but making friends means you can spread the fun to others who might be in need of some fun.
  5. Best designed inside the mane 6 would for me be rarity. Just looking at the design for the first time you can see this is a classy pony. The white color on her Coat re defined showing grooming, and the purple mane is styled showing how much time is put into it. Non-main ld probably go with my favorite, colegate or cheerilee ohI can't decided. Colgate I love because she's so blue, so blue and just the small characteristics that characters design makes her look so cute. cheerilee also gets me with her design because of the colors scheme just being so nice to see, plus her s
  6. Can't watch now, but i promise to check it out once i get out of work. Very excited, i love seeming videos done by the community. :3
  7. Mouth kind looks funny, but besides that i like it alot. I know its a little dark for rainbow but I think its really really good work of art. 8/10 would buy.
  8. I'd teach her to troll kids all day with her power of breaking fourth wall, that'd be enough since she already knows how to party hard.
  9. DarkParu

    Gaming Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    The problem with games like black op's is that to enjoy them to the fullest you really need to enjoy the multiplayer and need to get past the community of players. If your a really competetive person i've found the game just seems more tailored to you, but the casual gamer usually seems to only enjoy black ops from time to time if that much at all. I might be wrong, i am just going off what ive seen previously.
  10. Everybody wants to be a cat.

    1. Smarts


      cats are overrated. I'd rather be a dinosaur.

    2. DarkParu


      New sub reddit R/Dinosaursovercats. Lets get it started.


    3. lardbobobo
  11. The main thing I kind of want is something that ties into the movie, I know alot of people didn't enjoy the movie but I found it quite funny. Possibly cause I didn't go into it expecting it to be that orientated to the brony's and that it would be more towards a teen/kid. Granted they did put in a lot of work to the good parts for the fans at least. I want that, I want more queen chrysalis. I don't want them to convert her, i want some more back story on her possibly. More discord and more King sombra and nightmare moon. I think I just want to see the villians at this point. Does this m
  12. I love indie games some times

  13. Abe lincon vs zombies.... Enough said

  14. DarkParu

    (๑• . •๑)

    I wuv cute things as well, BOO its nice to meet another fan of da cute things. Anyway, welcome to the forums, I am sure you will find something you enjoy. Try the art threads for CUTE fan made images.
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