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Everything posted by Rainbowcrash420

  1. I live in portland and see alot of bad fashion. Trench coats, cargo shorts with a fedora, girls dressed like 60s hippies, man skirts, boots with shorts and boots in general unless your working, waves of swag kids, etc.
  2. I really cant i have long hair hence the con air look.
  3. I gonna go for it. I need to lose some more weight and bulk up other than than it should be pretty simple.
  4. Cosplay is when your dress up in a costume to look like a famous actor or character.
  5. I got invited to go to the seattle comic con and was thinking of a cosplay. I dont really know how I thought of it but I came up with the idea of looking like nicolas cage in con air. I saw a few online and they looked pretty bad( No facial hair, ugly wigs, bad pants etc). It sounds really fun and I think I can pull it off. Any thoughts?
  6. I only had one car with a auto. I have owned 5 cars since and they all were manuals. Manuals are funner and its like you get a better feel for your car. I had a 1970 mercury with the manual shifter on the steering column. That was kind of fun. I specifically got my 2002 mustang gt with a 5 speed manual. I couldnt imagine it with a 4 speed auto BORING. The clutch pedal is really hard to press and the shifter is really tight so alot of people I let drive it kill it or dont drive very good. You cant do big burn outs with a auto neither.
  7. I have given the show a few tries but still dont really like it. Its doesnt really entertain me. Regular show on the other hand is pretty good.
  8. Stay away from those otakus and furries!! Watching thems evil cartoons and going to cons!!
  9. Autism is the new word for retarded. Like neckbeard is for nerd and fa^^ot is for gay. Haters of bronies and of other things just use those words now.
  10. This shirt is cool http://www.redbubble.com/people/eeveemastermind/works/9513113-jesus-loves-rainbow-dash http://www.redbubble.com/people/superbae/works/12275387-youve-caged-my-heart?p=t-shirt Cant forget the cage.
  11. I have never really looked specifically for friends. Most people I know just connected and hung out a little then BAM new friend. Most are guys doesnt happen alot with girls.... Thats a whole nother story
  12. This is one of my favorites songs and has one of the best solos i can think of. The whole song is like a solo. The second song has a great breakdown.
  13. Livewire is producing some great songs lately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqtU-dsq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEQ1FhJaJBk
  14. I like old spongebob, older southpark, first seasons of family guy, ed edd and eddy, cow and chicken, ren and stimpy, and alot more 90s cartoons. All the shows I watched when I was kid but now I watch baked
  15. OK...........Evereyday im rolling with them same mothaf&*kas., I got alot of friends but most of em suckas.I got my best friend right in my closet. hes my mothaf&(*in AK....Wit me every were i go dont matter if im dealing snow, blow, or mary jane its all the same, the same game, gettin cash and damn Gssss...........I gotta stash o cash...... at my house.....bank account no one no's the amounts...........millions..x3...everywere...I got gold underwear Im changing everyday. I dont care I throw the mothaf*&ka away..............to be continued
  16. I just found out there going through my town in NOVEMBER!!! Kreator puts out one of the best live shows of any band I have ever seen.
  17. This song is so bad I cant stop listening to it
  18. I used to get wasted when I was younger. Now i limits my self to 5 drinks and thats about it. Now that Im older hangovers hit me really hard and they freaking suck!! I just like a good buzz.
  19. Never was a techno fan but this is AMAZING!!! Dat hook
  20. Nice GT. I hang a funko rainbowdash from the rear of my 02 GT. The tuner kids got to have something to look at. And to the OP dont worry about what people think. Most people dont care and if they do they can go buck themselves.
  21. Sodom instrumental procession to golgotha. SUPERHEAVY. Dat bass!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwwLKNSg7Hw&feature=kp
  22. Today I was listening to e40 on my way home from work when one of his newer songs played. I never really heard and noticed he clearly said in a line "cronies and bronies". Dont know if he just made it up or something. He usually doesnt make up words like snoop dogg but he uses alot of slang. Listen at 40-41 seconds. What do you think? THERE IS OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE
  23. I heard about this today and Im confused. Is it serious or just a bunch of trolls? Brogres= bros+ogres = shrek fans. http://www.shrekchan.org/ Whens there going to be a shrekcon