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  1. Tja, saluton, and salutations to you, as well! Welcome to the forums. I hope you have a wonderful time~
  2. I work at Dairy Queen -- only on the weekends, really. I work (English isn't made to be friendly to adverbs) I'll work full-time as an SMT Feeder Loader, as of Monday this week.
  3. Jayzus this thread is spooksville .... try not to click
  4. Hi, folks. I've just returned from work. I swear if I see any more ice cream in my entire life, I'll flip lids.
  5. You have, Haven. I'm around. And thank you for the warm welcome.
  6. Random things? Sounds good. That's usually what gets people acquainted with one another. I guess you could say I'm new; been kind of dormant for a while. But yeah, speaking of chatting with others, it's nice to meet you!
  7. Oh, that happens, haha. So, what do people usually discuss, around here?
  8. Esperanto Tero (TER-o) / la tero (LA TER-o) - earth / the earth Soldato (sol-DA-to) la soldato (LA sol-DA-to) - warrior /the warrior Soldatoj (sol-da-TOY) - warriors Soldaton / soldatojn (sol-DA-ton [like tone]) (sol-da-TOYN) - warrior and warriors in accusative case (They are the object of the phrase/La banditoj mortigis la soldatojn/soldato [The bandits killed the warrior/warriors]) Swedish (I'm not good at it, but I'm fairly sure of these) jord (yord) / jorden (YOR-den) - earth/the earth krigare (KREEG-ahr/e) / krigaren (KREE-ahren) - warrior / the warrior krigare (") / krigarna (KREEG-ar-na) - warriors / the warriors