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  1. Anyone know how to redeem purchases within the game? I bought some gems (I know bad idea, I think I was drunk when I did it), but then deleted the game a little while later. Now that I have a new phone I got the game again, but I can't find any redeem purchases button. Also I've tried adding people as friends but it doesnt seem to work. My internet works fine, and so does my game. I have an account on Gameloft as well, any idea?
  2. I've already posted this in the request guild, but since there has been no response I thought I would put it here. If I'm breaking the rules or spamming the forums please let me know and I'll take it down. I really like the Wonderfilled Oreo commercials. Those songs are extremely catchy. And since I'v always wanted to make songs about Ponies, but never had the talent, I thought I could just do a parody of the Oreo songs. However I can't find a instrumental version of the song, or just the music by itself. Again I have no musical talent so I was going to ask if any one here who does have music talent could help me out by maybe playing the song. Or if anyone knows how to just remove singing from the original video then that would be awesome as well! I've linked below the original and all info I can get on the chords and the sheet music. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! Chords and Sheet Info: Original:
  3. @Thevenomous I think that would work great. Of course Ill have to hear what you sound like first. Not to mention right now there arent full lyrics yet. But soon!
  4. Awesome. Once I hear the entire music I'll probably be able to work better on the lyrics.
  5. Sounds great! How is the music coming along?
  6. @Thunder-Lane Ok, that sounds good. Is there any chance I could hear most of the song to get the idea and the flow? Do you wanna work on the first or the second half of the song? As well do you think it would be a good idea to have two singers, one to sing the beginning then switch it up with another singer almost as if they are to people singing to each other?
  7. @Thunder-Lane Thats the problem, I have to find something to contibute. I thought I was gonna be on top of this but now I have no idea what direction the song is going in.
  8. @Thunder-Dash I just feel like I've contibuted nothing to this project, which is a big deal consider I really want it to work out.
  9. @Thunder-Dash I know what similies and metaphores are, im not that dumb. But just thought that lyrics would be a bit more simple.
  10. @Thunder-Dash Seems a bit too romantic. The point I wanted to make was that anyone can hug. These lyrics seem a bit too much like a love story. Perhaps it could work. I don't mean to be pushy but, I thought maybe I would make the lyrics since the idea was mine. But again you know more about music so you probably know best. I wanted something a bit more happy, not as emotional. Something really fun and warm feeling. Hey, are you still here? Just wondering if you left or not.
  11. Parents are alright with it. They make fun of me, it doesn't feel bad though because my family makes fun of anything so its normal. My friends know but don't really care to much.
  12. @Thunder-Dash Awesome. I've already got an idea as to how some of the lyrics can go from just listening to the preview. Again thanks so much for helping.
  13. @Thunder-Dash Whoa, ok. Ill need to figure out what all those names mean. Well i understand the chorus and the verses. I was think of having a higher pitched and soft voice sing the lyrics to help with the gentle feel of the song.
  14. OMG. This is perfect! It sounds so amazing!!!! How long do you think the final song should be? 2 minutes at the max?
  15. There seems to be a problem. The forums won't let me download it, it says the file doesn't exist.