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  1. Pleasant Fetal Transmogrification Day!

  2. Name: Alana Age: 13, turning 14 soon Gender: Female State: Rhode Island Likes: Singing, Animal Crossing, Horror Roleplays (stalking roleplays and such xD idk, I love being scared and that scares me~) Drawing, Bride Of Discord, Sonic The Hedgehog Dislikes: Chow Mein, Vegetables, people who don’t give Animal Crossing a chance before saying it isn't for them Hobbies: Singing, Making Art On Deviantart Other Info: I'm kinda lame and I tend to be awkward~ I think Discord should have a relapse for an episode or two, I roleplay as my MLP oc on ROBLOX a lot
  3. Hell. Yes. The actual story is awesome too!
  4. I changed Emerald Wave around~ Name: Emerald Wave Age: 15 Nicknames: Emerald, Wave, Emmy Residence: Grew Up in Ponyville, but now resides in Sacramaneto Occupation: Surfing Instructor during the summer months Species: Earth Pony PFF: Cocoa Bean Mother: Tropical Storm (deceased, passed from natural causes) Siblings: None Cutie Mark: Yellow Surfboard Eyes: A bit darker than her mane Mane Style: A bit Messy (from all of the time she spends in the water), normally tied up into a high ponytail with a yellow hair band Mane Color: Cyan Coat color: Light Green Height: A bit shorter than average Weight: Light, she doesn’t have much muscle Personality: Friendly, can be scared easily, and a bit hardheaded. Fear: Kidnappers Loves: Surfing and playing on the beach, swimming in general Dislikes: Cold weather, kidnappers, the thought of somepony stealing her surfboard Additional Details: Emerald is weak and cannot fight. Her only defense is to whack people with her surfboard if she has it. I made her backstory less Mary Sue. Backstory: She grew up in Ponyville, she had a knack for surfing from a young age. Her mother bought her a yellow surfboard. The first time she surfed on it, she earned her Cutie Mark. She met her PFF, a color blind deer named Cocoa Bean with a knack for making hot beverages (especially coffee!) in around the third grade. (Normally this would be the part where she was stalked and nearly killed by a psycho murderer, blech. OP.) She was 8 years old at the time. When she was on the beach, about to go in the water with her surfboard propped on her back, a stallion tried to foalnap her. She’s really weak, so she tried to fight him off with her hooves, she whacked him with the surfboard and called for help. He wasn’t able to successfully take Emerald because a few adults, including her mother, surrounded him. She still has her surfboard with her and dreads the thought of anyone stealing it from her. (Let me know if that’s still OP. I don’t like making my characters OP, so if she didn’t have her surfboard and no one was around, he would have been able to get away with her.) When she turned fifteen, she moved to Sacramaneto with her friend Cocoa Bean. She gives out surfing lessons to the fillies and colts there. (She's my profile picture) (Sacramaneto is not a canon town, I made it up, but you can reside there too~)
  5. Have you ever had a nightmare so bizarre and strange, that it baffled you how you could have ever even come up with it in the first place? I had this one relatively recently. I was swimming in the ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where we go for vacation every summer. I was so far off of the coast I couldn’t see the shore. I got tangled in a net and pulled up. I was on a pirate ship. The crew wasn’t wearing any pirate clothes or anything. I was greeted by a seemingly nice woman. She explained to me that I had been kidnapped, and took me to the corner of the world (xD). It was snowy and there was a hole in the ground. I climbed down and it was icy, and very pretty. There were “beds” carved into the ice walls, I think the pillows were made of ice too? There were no blankets, but the ice looked very pretty. I turned to the female pirate and said, “Can I say goodbye to my friends before I give up my phone?” I pulled my phone out, and she said sure. I went on Instagram and posted something, stating that I had been kidnapped. My location services said I was somewhere near Haiti or Cuba or something… I then went on Skype and told my friends that I had been kidnapped by pirates. I used the location button to send them my location, and then gave the pirate lady my phone. I ended up escaping with the help of my little cousins, who are around 9 and 11. I checked my phone, my Instagram post had only 3 likes, a few frantic comments from my sister, and one comment that said, I quote… “that sounds pretty op but ok” (op means overpowered) We were in a forest of palm trees, looking around, making sure nobody saw us, when I saw someone looking at me from behind a tree. Who was it? Why of course! Doctor Eggman! (He was a member of the pirates crew) The pirates kidnapped me again, but they put me on the actual ship, behind bars where I could see the deck. I saw Markiplier pacing back and forth, looking grumpy and crabby. I pleaded to him for help. “Mark! You’re a good guy! Help me!” He looked at me and explained that he no longer wanted to help people, and that he was racist towards black people. (I’m not even black, I don’t know why he said that…) I escaped, but I was kidnapped again, by my 11 year old cousin Mackenzie, and her two friends, one of which was insane. They tied me to a chair on the deck. The insane friend said, “Let’s cover her with makeup and make her explode!” They started to put makeup on me, putting blue blush all over my face. My cousin and her not insane friend winked at me to show that they were good. When they finished applying the makeup to me, I woke up. One word. WHY?!
  6. Are you kidding? I drink STRAIGHT FROM THE EFFING FAUCET! And I'm not even kidding.
  7. Thank you all so much! It makes me really happy to hear I am doing well. I appreciate it!
  8. My apologies. I wasnt sure where to put it and I got nervous
  9. Name: Emerald Wave (or Emmy) Type: Earth Pony Gender: Female Appearance: green coat with lighter green hair and blue eyes Cutie Mark: an ocean wave with an emerald in it Hobbies: Swimming, surfing... anything that has to do with the beach or water! Additional Details: Emerald has had a bit of a hard childhood. She was stalked by a stallion by the name of Inferno and she had to protect her young sister, Symphony. After he was arrested, everything went back to normal. She loves to have fun, except not as much as Pinkie Pie does, obviously! Name: Symphony Notes Type: Earth Pony Gender: Female Appearance: light purple coat with pink eyes and a yellow curly mane Cutie Mark: two red music notes Hobbies: writing songs and poetry, playing the keyboard Additional Details: Symphony's idol is Octavia. She loves how she makes music and aspires to someday meet her. Her older sister Emerald Wave had to rescue her after she was kidnapped by a stallion by the name of Inferno. After Inferno went to prison, Symphony had become less outgoing. Her sister Emerald bounced right back to her normal self, but not Symphony. Inferno still haunts her dreams, and she is scared easily. Name: Tropical Storm Type: Pegasus Gender: Female Appearance: gray coat with a dark green and brown mane Cutie Mark: a dull brown hurricane Hobbies: cooking, taking care of her children Additional Details: Tropical Storm passed while in the hospital for a disease. She was quite aggressive to people she didn't like but she was always caring to her two daughters, her oldest daughter Emerald Wave and younger daughter Symphony Notes. She always made sure they were safe.
  10. You guys are all so nice! Thank you!
  11. So, I recently drew two pictures of my character, Emerald Wave, and I would like some opinions on how I did?
  12. So, do any of you guys get frustrated when people type a word the wrong way? Mine: -Instead of angel, angle Imagine in the Phantom Of The Opera, The Phantom sings this. "Sing, my ANGLE of music!" I hate that typo. -Instead of Alana, Alan This isn't a misspelling, but since my username on ROBLOX is alana554, some people shorten Alana down to Alan.. HATE IT!
  13. Slingshot. It always comes out as slingshit. xD
  14. I have a few. I have a phobia of elevators. HATE them. Why? My grandfather once got stuck in one. He was in there for seven hours and nobody knew. Heights. Gosh, I absolutely hate heights. Carnival rides are fine as long as I am not high up too too long. Spiders. BLECH! Enough said. So yeah.. I am also kind of afraid of my father. He drinks a lot and is kind of creepy. o3o
  15. My favorite songs... Gosh, there are a loooot. Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia Town Of Salem Original Rap - BoyInABand and Minx Waiting For Superman - Daughtry Gravity - Norwood Smile Song - Pinkie Pie Discord - Eurobeat Brony Sleep Like A Baby Tonight - U2 This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now - U2 Tubthumper - Chumbawamba Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne Burnin' Up - Jessie J (as well as NorwoodMusicVideos's cover!) Dear Old Friend - Patty Griffin With Arms Wide Open - Creed Daisy Chains - Miss Triniti Mean Girls - Rachel Crow All I Ask Of You - Phantom Of The Opera Phantom Of The Opera - Take a freakin' guess?! Think Of Me - Phantom Of The Opera Beauty Underneath - Love Never Dies Little Talks - Of Monsters And Men I Love You, My One And Only - Rhythm Heaven Fever Lonely Storm - Rhythm Heaven Fever Dreams Of Our Generation - Rhythm Heaven Fever Yeah.. My music taste is pretty varied xD