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Everything posted by Onix-warmachine-brony

  1. hallo all what is up?

    1. Retro*Derpy


      It is a delightful animated movie by Pixar.

  2. hallo everypony Rex have just being really sleepy

  3. i'm trying out this new drawing-style not sure if all of you know what i am talking about well what i mean is that the lines are somewhat exaggerated making everything look nightmare-like (keep in mind that this picture was taken with the web cam on my laptop)
  4. i had an awesome thought, while i was violently eating some ice-cream.... (ít was a terrible mess) and thought too myself what if I could or anyone could become chuck norris for one day?!! so my thought was if you could become chuck norris what would you do? rule: you may not kill anyone have fun =)
  5. please do as the picture refer and shut up and take my money!!!!! oh and awesome awesome awesome awesome
  6. MARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. not a lot (sorry i didn't see your response) you know just being here

  8. i have a strange craving for bananas and muffins O,O

  9. or i couldn't find the real darksiders 2 theme since it haven't been released just yet (and i have too right one more line because that pointless 100 characters minimum
  10. Name: onix Partner Name:BronyUniverse Minecraft Usernames: InTheEyesOfANoob (Don't have one yet) Skype?:rasmus1553 Minecraft: Torrented Other Games: tararia
  11. fear has always be something i could overcome (which i have proved more than once) but besides that i am deeply terrified of the dark no not the absence of light i mean the dark that will make you all alone.but besides that i have "screaming" paranoia, it's hard for me to relax around other ponys. even my own family is somewhat hard too trust. the paranoia is under control.
  12. i have never really seen star Trek but okay that's coolwhen i heard the start i just thought superman returns
  13. okay guys i'm about to do some drawing any ideas for what to draw?? and yes i can draw an OC

  14. i don't quite know but it sounds like something from (superman returns) but then again i could be wrong it's a long story to explain why this is his theme but you can probably give a good guess http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8vBgarugCg