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  1. I like the episode except for Pinkie. Pinkie is usually one of my favorite characters but it seems her character is becoming more and more flanderized into a random ball of energy instead of a ADHD extrovert.
  2. I made a song in one my music technology classes. I had to create my own sounds using synths. I mostly just used one synth (even the drums), but the vocals are done in another one I could use. I taped myself making two blindbag ponies dance to it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zavfXYoBv_M
  3. akalink

    Gaming Your top 5 Zelda games?

    Then you are going to love Spirit Tracks in my opinion. Though I though exploration in Phantom Hourglass was like watching paint dry and being slapped continuously in the face while trying to dry the paint. My Order 1. Wind Waker: My 1st Zelda game and my favorite. Also it has ok co-op. 2/3 (tie) Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask: I refuse to let the one sit without the other. These games complement each other and excel at where the other fails. 4. Minish Cap: One of the strongest 2D Zeldas. It was one of the few Zelda's that had different ways to approaching fighting enemies (some of
  4. You don't need to know who Milky way is trust me. Fluffle puff and most popular oc's stem from the millions of pony ask blogs that exist on tumbler. Gaining popularity is based on luck as much a talent.
  5. akalink

    Movies/TV God's Not Dead

    I just hope it has good actors and is a over all good movie unlike many Christian movies I've seen. Movies life fireproof and Left Behind.
  6. akalink

    Subtle yet pony

    I have this on my computer. It's what usually tips people off that I'm a brony. Strangely its not my mlp messenger bag with the CMC logo on it
  7. So I'm in absolute love with the music from the New Disney Channel show. I've been having trouble with my vst's on my new computer so I decided to do an acapella cover of the show's credit's song. I just realized I spelled the show's name incorrectly. Wander no Wonder
  8. Well even though that was a funny story. I think it was more of a overprotective father than an ignorant one. I bet he jump to the conclusion that his son would be teased for having a pink folder and made up some BS so to convince his son otherwise.
  9. I like to use Steam because cheap games Finale '12 a great notation program GIMP because I don't need to do intense photo editing
  10. Angry Video Game Nerd records his footage with a DVD recorder. You have the system plugged to the DVD rec which sends a signal through the DVD rec to your TV without lag. You record the footage with the DVD rec and your audio with your computer. Make sure to make notes so you can sync the audio with your game footage. Finalize the DVDr and put it in your computer. Since the recording doesn't have copyright locks on it you can just rip the footage in Xmedia recode or Handbrake. Then its all editing form there
  11. akalink

    Mega Thread Unpopular Music Related Opinions

    I strongly disagree with you for the most part, but I do think there a plenty of composers who do many things better than him. But I honestly think Uematsu and Kondo are two of the best melody writers in the business, right next to John Williams in my book. Even though I'm a huge fan of Koji Kondo's work, I still think he could do better in the orchestration department (that is assigning instruments music). Sadly there are a few of composers who are great at orchestrating but terrible at the actual composing. They don't tend to be in big budget movies that often thankfully, games not so lu
  12. If its 6th generation games (or wii games) and earlier then you can't go wrong with a DVD recorder and a copy of xmedia recode on your PC, since those games don't output larger than 480p (with the exception of some xbox games) The problem is syncing your personal recorded audio.
  13. Oh wow my goodness, those are quite amazing. I'm impressed by it no doubt about that. The level of detail, I kind of wish I knew more about the art so I can appreciate the detail you put into it more.
  14. akalink

    Gaming Wii U price drop!

    I was hoping to be able to get a wii u in October since I just got a job, sadly the number of hours I have it doesn't really look like that will happen. I might have to *gasp* get Rayman Legends on Xbox 360
  15. I really just want to see pony skins available in Rayman Legends as DLC. Otherwise I'll have to get a new PC and mod Rayman Origins.
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