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  1. Just a question It feels to me that Most of the fandom rely on others for an opinion.
  2. Mywas

    Movies/TV Avatar: The Last Airbender

    I wish to not remember that Movie*Shivers*
  3. Mywas

    Movies/TV Avatar: The Last Airbender

    The females were attractive(And legal age.....At least in Japan) Therefor I proclaim it a good show
  4. I agree. They didn't force his disability in our faces. They treated him as just another character. As how we should treat each other, with respect regardless of who we are.
  5. Mywas

    Did Shining Armor mean his words?

    This is why I hate A Canterlot Wedding A lot of characters were flanderized just so that Chrysalis's stupid plan would work
  6. Mywas

    Poll: Gamer Luna VS Button's Mom

    I hate them both equally
  7. Mywas

    Is Discord Being "Redeemed" Bad?

    Didn't Discord show a sad face when Twilight Didn't answer him in RoH Part 2? He is not really evil but more like a smart version of fat buu
  8. Mywas

    If you ran over a pony.

    I would laugh at their misery while I hide the body and act like nothing happened
  9. Mywas


    Lets make outnessnessness
  10. Mywas


    I wanna make up Right now na na na na I wanna make up right now na na na na Wish we never broke up right now na na na na We need to make up right na na na na
  11. Just because she regretted it doesn't mean she is sympathetic. Its the same problem I had with Azula, she spended the entirety of Book 2 being a massive bitch to everyone including her brother. And in book 3 she has a break down for a stupid reason and they expect me to feel sorry for her
  12. Relate to ger problems? I didn't know half of the fandom are angry because people sleep during there nightshift
  13. Fanons are always illogical and just played for the laughs. Most bronies don't think Pinkie is evil