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  1. Here's my OC Ocelot. Hope you guys like him.
  2. Sounds interesting! Is this a scattered philosophy or is it identified as some sort of religion? If it is, which one is it?
  3. My OC usually wears a red hoodie. You can find a picture of him in his page (link is in the sig). But lately though, I have been thinking of removing it as a part of his look. I was also considering replacing the hoodie with a bow tie or a necklace. What do you guys think? If you are a fan of the hoodie, then please let me know!
  4. Coffee or tea, the gods were being way too generous when they gave us these gifts.
  5. So yesterday I came across a video about the effect that crystals and precious stones can have on us. Now, I'm an atheist, so I was initially very skeptical about this. This video explained how crystals have certain frequencies that can interact with our ambient and influence the way we feel. Considering the fact that I am a pretty open minded person, I decided to put a quartz crystal that happened to be in my drawer next to my nightstand. When I woke up in the morning, I put it in my pocket and took it to school. Honestly, I felt pretty serene and comfortable at school. I usually hate being surrounded by people and having them stare at me, but today It felt as if everyone was just a tree planted on the ground or something. Also, I had quite a lot of energy throughout the day (which I usually don't). Perhaps this could all be a placebo effect, but I'm just curious as to what you guys think. Also, I was wondering if any of you out there could enlighten me more about crystals and other new age philosophies. I've always been into these kinds of things, as I always thought that they helped you relax. So yeah, anymore information on this sort of stuff? Mediation? Essential oils? etc.
  6. Any coffee connoisseurs out there? I heard that the best way to make coffee is by using a french press. Is this true?

    1. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      sorry...I make espresso. never used a press.

    2. Vemillia Nightshade

      Vemillia Nightshade

      A pony to ask about this Artimus. (Sorry if I go the username spelling wrong) That pony is a big coffee connoisseur if I ever saw one.

  7. Thank you for the advice! After thinking for a bit, I managed to make some changes! Would you mind reviewing it again? I just wan't to fix any rough edges and make it as interesting and unique as possible. I changed his personality a bit, along with his back story. Thank you!
  8. I'm in the process of changing my OC's talent, personality, and back story. Would you mind giving me your thoughts on his personality so far? Feel free to comment on other features as well.
  9. Okay, so I have returned after being gone for a long ass time! I'm going to be changing my OC's talent and backstory completely! same cutie mark though ;)

    1. Jellal Fernandes

      Jellal Fernandes

      Good to see you back! (It's Al, if you're wondering)

    2. ♞RedLotus♞
  10. So earlier today I was taking a look at all the crazy subcultures and cliques that happen to exist; and surprisingly enough, tumblr did not disappoint me. Upon my surprise, there was a group of pseudo-schizophrenic individuals who suffered from some sort of multiplicity disorder. Now, I'm not a psychiatrist or anything, therefore I shall refrain from making comments on the validity of such mental illnesses. However, I found the concept of headmates to be very interesting. Basically, these people claim that they have "headmates", other entities that also live in their heads who happen to have personalities of their own. I thought it would be cool to make up some headmates that reflected different aspects of my personality. I don't take such notion very seriously, I only made them up because I thought it was funny and amusing. These characters do not influence me in any way possible as they would to someone with an actual personality disorder. So anyways, I want to share my headmates and I also encourage you guys to make some of your own and share them here. These characters should reflect different aspects of your own persona; in other words, they should be like little alter egos that sort of describe you when you are in certain moods. Here are mine: Harlow - A professor and psychologist from the 1800's. This guy is is sophisticated and carries himself in a very dapper manner; pretty much a well-rounded gentleman. Harlow represents my logical and intelligent side, although his demeanor hardly ever shows off on me. I only act like this when I am around people that I want to impress. Harlow is pretty fashionable and has good taste for luxuries too. Very witty during disputes, Harlow tends to be comedic and "smart assy" when arguing with people that are below his stature. His knowledge on different subjects can range from history and literature all the way to cooking and modern culture. He really gives off a "Sherlock Holmes" vibe. Lucien - I don't want to sound like some depraved emo kid... but everyone has dark thoughts once in a while, right? Well, Lucien is a prince from Transylvania who happens to be a cannibal just like Vlad the Impaler. This guy is very reminiscent of Dracula (or just any vampire in general). He is sadistic, dark, lustful, mysterious, and cold. Lucien represents the sinful and taboo side of me. Anyhow, he also happens to very fragile on the inside and can easily be torn by emotions. Lucien is also the most sexual headmate, as well as the most romantic too. Once in a while, most of us feel misunderstood by society and this is what Lucien is all about. Your typical goth guy. Cho - I'm not really a very spiritual or religious person, infact I actually consider myself to be an atheist. However, I have always had an open mind. I especially find Buddhist and hippie culture to be very interesting and worth studying. Cho himself is a Buddhist monk from the temples of the Tibet; he represents my avid love for drinking tea, growing herbs, buying spices, being close to nature, and meditating. He's very reserved to himself, not very sociable unlike the other two previous characters, as he is often in a state of deep thinking. Cho is very wise and patient with himself; he's the kind of guy you will see reading a book all by himself under a tree. Decimus - Despite having a headmate so serene like Cho, Decimus tends to be far more hip and social. He's an artist and sculptor from ancient Rome. Decimus represents my festive side, as he is often times celebrating minimal and great accomplishments alike by drinking wine and treating himself to exquisite food. He's symbolic of my gluttonous and indulgent nature; as I often like to pamper myself with treats and complements. Out of all the headmates, he's the one that will most likely let his stress out by drinking champagne, eating chocolates, going to parties, and taking bubble baths. He's very similar to Dionysus, the Greek god of pleasure, as he can be the life of the party. Anyways, I had fun making these characters... but now its time for us to enjoy yours! So go on ahead and tell us about your multiple personalities.
  11. Happy Birthday, Lotus! :D Hope you had a great day!

    1. ♞RedLotus♞


      Thank you :)! I know its a bit late to reply but I had been gone for a long time.

  12. Happy Birthday,Lotus!

    1. ♞RedLotus♞


      Thank you! I had been gone for a while so I didn't reply the same day. But thank you though :D

  13. 100 Years Of Solitude is a truly interesting novel.