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  1. Destiny: Ask any players might say Lack of story, Stingy loot, grind heavy, lack of in-game LFG. But for me, It takes forever to level up the perk's nodes on armor. Call of Duty: LA-A-G (Also the hate for infinite Warfare, A hate on hate if you will) Sonic Unleashed: I'm fine with the Werehog (Like it even) but it takes so long to complete like six times as long as the Hedgehog levels. Far Car 4: a lack of reason to help out the rebellion and do side quests when you hit the level cap.
  2. Illusion Fox

    Web Podcasts!

    - RT Podcast: Rooster Teeth crew discuss about current event - Cox n' Crendor (in the Morning) Show: A completely random and uninspired in any way, but highly demanded. - RebelTaxi/Pan Pizza's Pizza Party Podcast: A very Tumbler like podcast about animation - POS Podcast: hosted by Paleosteno and talks about Animation and Movies - Podcast Beyond (Pre-Greg n' Ryan Left): It's not the same anymore (PlayStation podcast)
  3. Illusion Fox

    Sports 2016 Summer Olympics

    My Facebook feed was nothing but that. WE MADE IT \ /
  4. I saw it on Twitter just on... https://twitter.com/ditzkoff/status/755455836240089088?s=09
  5. Hello bud

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    2. Alpharius


      What made you add me?

    3. Illusion Fox

      Illusion Fox

      Because I heard you have a pony made of Diamonds

    4. Alpharius


      Ah butt stallion my prized possession

  6. Illusion Fox

    Gaming Best Video Game 'Titles'

    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Its has a sequel called Rocket League
  7. All my money from my summer job is going before I got it... Thanks E3

    1. Discordian


      If it weren't for the fact that I'm saving up for a gaming PC I'd have gone out to buy an Xbox One already. Microsoft showed some cool stuff.

  8. Illusion Fox

    Gaming E3 '16 Thread

    Playstation starts Now... https://www.twitch.tv/twitch >This year during a fancier staged - Orchestra music with chorus? Am I watching the same press conference!? - Who is this man? GOD OF WAAAAAAAAR.... Daddy Kratos - Bringing sympathy to what happened this weekend - Another post-apocalyptic game.... DAYSGONE - THE LAST GUARDIAN! YEEAAAH COME THIS YEAR! FINALLY!!! - New gameplay for Horizon: Zero Dawn... more action, new dialogue choices, Big map, hacking RoboCow, Epic boss fight and beautiful scenery - Quantic Dream... MISSION FAILED or is it... YOUR CHOICES ACTUALLY MATTER
  9. Illusion Fox

    Gaming E3 '16 Thread

    I'm live updating it live sooooo no, not yet.
  10. Illusion Fox

    Gaming E3 '16 Thread

    Ubisoft started out immediately had it.... https://www.twitch.tv/twitch - DO STOP ME NOOOOOOOOOW. Just Dance 2017 - Bringing sympathy to what happened this weekend. - Ubisoft mentioned the NX before Nintendo, Wood + Internet hater joke, and 30th anniversary (Plus F-bome) - Ghost Recon: Wildlands... New CGI trailer, Mexican cartel comes in and takes over Bolivia, Biggest open-world Ubisoft made yet, Aaaaaaaaaaaaand my money is gone. - Chaos has ensued in the USA, How can stop it? Trey Parker and Matt Stone to tell you in South Park: Fractured but Whole? Making fun of Kanye West SideQu
  11. Illusion Fox

    Gaming E3 '16 Thread

    Microsoft starts in less then 5 min.NOW https://www.twitch.tv/twitch Over Time to make a sandwich - New Xbox One S: Slimer, 4K video, Controller grips - Phil Spencer HYYYYYPE \ / - Gears of War 4: first a game that you could both play on Xbox One and PC with cross-play on one price. Gameplay Stuff (looks alot better than last year that in I CAN SEE ) , and a special Xbox Elite controller - Killer Instinct... General Raam... that guy from GoW coming soon - Forza Horizon 3... with 4-way gameplay between XBox and PC... Cool :awuh: - recore gameplay - Wait... Final Fantasy 15 is c
  12. Illusion Fox

    Gaming E3 '16 Thread

    If you did not fall it to the hype went it coming out, ready to invest time and have friends to play with. Its a Good Gome. Plus the DLC bring more to do and is needed up to date Anyway I'm going to bed see you guys tomorrow for 11 hours in a chair.
  13. Why are you excited for Elder Scrolls Online news?

    1. Illusion Fox

      Illusion Fox

      I was reporting on it

  14. Illusion Fox

    Gaming E3 '16 Thread

    Bethesda conference >Start Quack.reboot.... Booting up Quack: Champions (More info at Quackcon) -Talking about their achievements over the pass year. -Elder Scrolls Legend intro... RIP Stream Saved -Fallout 4 whats next? 3 DLC. -Fallout shelter free update -Elder Scrolls: SKYRIM coming to PS4 and Xbone w/ Mod support \ / -Good morning Morgan, things has gone wrong in Prey (I got nothing to tie that one in) -Doom updates: Snapmap, MP mode, and MP DLC - Elder Scrolls Online: statistics, expanding to Japan, Black Brotherhood DLC coming to console and One tamiel. - Talking about th
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