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  1. MotoBrony

    Anyone knows a good Free to Play iOS game?

    For free racing games, try: Real Racing 3 It's not a sim, but it's not entirely arcadey. It's pretty good. Racing Rivals, solid drag racing game, good tuning, lots of players, fair amount of cars, pretty gimmicky though IMO Asphalt 8: Airborne. Pretty cool arcade game, Lots of jumps, crashing, and drifting.
  2. MotoBrony

    Can you eat with chopsticks?

    Yeah it's not that hard. I really only do it when I go out for sushi or fried tofu.
  3. MotoBrony

    Talking to inanimate objects

    I talk to my car and my bike, usually when I'm racing or when SHTF. More often than not I just talk to myself
  4. MotoBrony

    Favorite anime?

    Initial D Super Eurobeat is the greatest soundtrack Animation gets really good Racing cars In depth racing strategy and technique Entertaining races DRIFTING
  5. MotoBrony

    Garage sale finds?

    NES games, my brother found a one of those big pokeballs with a Golden Togepi card and bought it for like $5 with the box. That was a good find.
  6. MotoBrony

    Your favorite old/classic cars

    I never said I didn't like old cars or that I didn't want to work on an old car, but you bring up a lot of good points. I did bring up sports cars primarily, but I stand by my opinion that's it's easier to DD a modern car over a classic.
  7. MotoBrony

    Your favorite old/classic cars

    What is: BMW M3 BMW M4 BMW M5 BMW M6 Chevy Corvette C7 (Best valued sports car for the money) Chevy SS Chevy Camaro (As long as it's V8, bonus points for a boosted model) Dodge Challenger SRT8 Dodge Viper SRT10 (Current model) Dodge Dart Ford Mustang (As long as it's V8, bonus points for a boosted model) Ford Focus ST Ford Fiesta ST Jaguar XKR Jaguar XKR-S Jaguar F-type Jaguar XFR Jaguar XFR-S Honda S2000 (RIP, 1999-2009) Mazda MX-5/Miata/Roadster Mazda RX-8 (RIP, 2003-2012)[lol apex seals] Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Subaru Forest XT (lol transmission, lol turbo, lol head gaskets) Subaru Impreza (All models, Base, WRX, and WRX-STi) There's a lot more, and I know not all of them are particularly affordable, but trust me, a classic muscle car is a good weekend car, but you wouldn't want to daily one. The lack of modern technology (Power steering, power brakes, etc) can be tiring. And they're just too valuable to lose if you wreck one, in most cases
  8. MotoBrony

    Your most expensive dream?

    I've always wanted to build a 197-ish Camaro into a track weapon Kind of like this For a powerplant it would need an LS1 from a modern Corvette, built with aftermarket stage 2 Comp-cams, K&N intake, Magnaflow exhaust, MSD Ignition, BIgger fuel injectors and a Magnusson supercharer Chassis upgrades would include (But are not limited to): Wider tires and wheels, Eibach full suspension system, chassis reinforcement bars, a roll cage, Stiff anti-roll bars, and Brembo brakes Other upgrades would be Sparco seats and harnesses, Sparco steering wheel, a fire suppressant system (In case of emergency), carbon fiber body panels painted to match the color of the car, which will probably be black, dark grey, silver, or burnt orange, I'm undecided.
  9. MotoBrony

    Your favorite old/classic cars

    1971 Plymouth Barracuda with a 426 Hemi.
  10. MotoBrony

    What's your favourite hot or cold non alcoholic drink?

    Lipton Peach Iced Tea. It tastes like fresh peaches. It's awesome
  11. MotoBrony

    Last thing you accidentally did to hurt yourself?

    Yesterday I was out on my dirt bike on an enduro single track (Tight woods trail, barely enough room between the trees for one bike) and I hit a jump, miscalculated my take off, landed of the trail about 6 inches away from a tree, I flicked my bars to the left to try and dodge it, but my right handguard smacked into it, rocking the bars all the way to the right, and picking up the back end, throwing me over the bars, I landed on my feet but couldn't stay upright. I slammed onto my hands and knees, and then my face. My left knee (My bad knee) is swollen quite badly, but right knee is just bruised. My hands and forearms are scraped up, but fine. I'm unable to walk without a limp, but my bike is fine.
  12. MotoBrony

    What contests/giveaways have you won?

    A local department store had a raffle for an arcade basketball hoop that I won about 5 years ago. Need for Speed World has "Guess that car" events, where you guess what car is pictured in a distorted image and if you guess correctly you're entered to win the car in the game. (I won a Ford Mustang Boss 302 and a Lancia Delta HF Intergrale)
  13. MotoBrony

    Lets See Your EDC

    I carry: -Car keys -Phone (Samsung Galaxy Rugby) -Hookah pen -Wallet >Credit card >license >Some cash -Watch (Does it count since I wear it on my wrist?)
  14. MotoBrony

    What's your GPA? (School ponies only!)

    Last year (2nd year High school) it was a 3.9, but the first two quarters of this year it went down to a 3.7, third quarter it was a 3.5. As bad as it sounds, I guess I stopped caring.
  15. MotoBrony

    Post your airsoft loadout

    Always happy to see a milsim thread, my airsoft load: Headgear: Cheap boonie hat or baseball cap Skull print bandanna or neoprene face mask Gloves: Mechanix gloves or my carbon fibre hard knuckle gloves G shock watch BDU: Black hoodie with ACU bottoms or all ACU Load bearing rig: Condor plate carrier, three m4/m16 mag pouches up front, a knife sheath and util pouch on one side, and a drop pouch on the other Footwear: I used to have black tactical boots from a local surplus store, but I actually melted the lugs while riding an ATV, so now I either wear Timberland boots or just sneakers Weaponry: G&G Combat Machine Raider M4 shorty, I carry 4 hi caps for a total of like 2000 rounds, plus a bottle of 2000 bb's. (I am an ammo whore, I know). A rubber K-bar training knife (Yes I've scored takedowns with it )