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    my interest is making a great online game like lego universe

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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  1. excuse a quick question for you what would you want out of a mlp mmorpg

    1. Sunset Shimmering

      Sunset Shimmering

      A amazing visual effect,A nice and a touching storyline and of course a good visual detail.

  2. trixie i want trixie to make a come back how you ask well two days before discord defeat trixie decided to steal his powers but rather then controling it. it control her she then wants even more power so she takes a tiny bit from princess luna she then attacks making the town in choas she also at the same time traps it in darkness she then takes over the minds of 5 other ponys in town then using alll 6 of them makes 6 new elements the elements of choas its a epic battle between the elements of choas and the elements of harmony who will win? you say
  3. i need to ask you and everyone reading this whats your idea of a good mlp mmorpg

    1. Kyoshi


      Hmmm, well, I do not play MMORPGS often, in fact, I have only played....one. :P So my opinion may not be best in that regard. A pony mmorpg, I would love to see.

    2. coachthirdparty


      okay thanks for the replys though and lolz your my friend now

  4. whats your idea of a good mmorpg i ask this because your a good game creator and am making a mmorpg of mlp its going to the second only mmorpg out here of mlp its called mlp:haters attack

  5. hungry but cant stop must check forum for comments

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    2. Kyoshi


      McDonalds sounds great right now too, but a lot of things sound good to me. :P

    3. coachthirdparty


      am going to add you okay

    4. Kyoshi
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