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  1. Your right. I was thinking about that too as soon as i read your post. I totally cant wait ontil season 4. Why do we have to wait so long.
  2. I was like what. Even no one in the movie noticed that twilight "magiclly" appeared out of nowhere. Shouldn't princelpe Celestia reported her to her classmates? Would a teacher have seen her walking around durning classtime?
  3. I just watched it and I liked it. Main Points I Noticed: * It is a lot like esposide 1 * Twilight basically refriends here friends * It like her (twilight) coming to ponyville * The dance she goes to is the same as the galloping gala * They(mane 6) defeted Sunset Shimmer like nightmare moon * They made this story like a little add-on to season 4 * Twilight becomes a princesse in the movie with the help of her friends which is like all the seasons together In all togther I really liked the movie. Hope you like it too.
  4. Thanks Lightning Dancer for the advise. I am just not that good yet. I can draw on paper not that well on computer. But thanks anyway.
  5. lovethesky

    Ask Luna

    When do you sleep and were?
  6. Just Kidding! Hello all I just joined here and this seems like a really great website. I really enjoy it. I love drawing mlp too. Thats it I guess. I am shy like fluttershy.
  7. I am new so I am not sure if this belongs here. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a bamboo tablet and photoshop elements 10. I made a rough sketch of a pony but i have no clue how to ink it. I read that you need a pen tool but photoshop elements 10 does not have one. Is there any other way to do it. You see I have never drawn a pony on the computer. So please help. Thanks