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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Thanks for everything forum!

    Goodbye to you all. <3 <3 <3


  5. What's up, guys. So I assume through the title alone you probably know what this is. I know this may seem to come from nowhere out of the blue especially from someone like me but, it's something I've been thinking about for a long time. A while back I made a blog similar to this one but it was 100% an April fools joke. While I may have made jest in the past, I can assure you that I'm not to be making much out of this one. So yes, it's true... this is indeed me taking my final step(s) away from this oh so wonderful forum. Though... not in a negative view mind you but rather, in a... how should I put it... an evolving one. I hope that this doesn't sound like too much of a dramatic leave. That's definitely not what I want this to be. I just feel that I have a bit of an open obligation to say something before I take my final leave due to having spent so much time here. It would seem that I've been a part of this forum for quite some time. About 5 years... (nearing 6yrs) that's pretty crazy for me to think about... that is indeed a fairly solid amount of time to spend on a single forum(or it is for me anyway). I've met so very many wonderful and awesome people here. People full of great talents, personalities, and, perspectives on lots of things in life. I've always felt very welcome and accepted by a great many of you. But I have to come clean. My interest in MLP:FiM has long since been diminished over the years. I was simply pulling empty buckets from a dry well. If I'm to be completely honest with you, I haven't watched an episode of the show since Twi first became a princess/alicorn. Yeah... you read right, it's been that long... I've not watched one single episode or movie to do with MLP:FiM since the end of season 3.... According to the wiki that happened on Feb 13, 2013. I should note that I did not stop watching the show because I just suddenly disliked it. It just faded from my interest over a period of time. The reality of what's really kept me going through and through was the enthusiastic community surrounding MLP. Speaking in primary specifics, the majority of it on this very forum. In general, there is an amazing amount of talent and creativity that spawns so frequently from this fandom. The Fan-art is actually not only what originally pulled me into this great collective but, it's also what inspired me to create so often. It's what helped me to become the artist I am today as well as the one I aspire to become in the future. That said, I think it's clear that I feel I'm not yet the artist I'd like to be. I still have so much improvement and struggle ahead of me but, I do feel that this path has truly helped to push me forward. Before I take my final step I should apologize for a few things. The first of which should probably go to the members I've yet to meet and, or, truly talk to. Be yee' new member or old I feel that I didn't reach out as much as I could have. I may have missed out on one too many opportunities to become a friend. And in this light of not having reached out enough, I must also apologize to the members whom I did know. I feel that I may not have always been the easiest to talk and connect to type of friend. Any hardships you may have had, any good times you may have wanted to share, there was the likely chance that I wasn't there due to how inactive I was. I'm very sorry for being as such in the way that I was. Lastly, there's also a great deal of people here that I'd definitely consider to be my friend but, simply never friend-listed. This is more to do with how I've always felt about a friends list system myself more than anything else. I mean if we're friends then we're friends. Don't really need any sort of status on a screen to say that if it's something you already know it right? Anyway, before I get too much more rambly I just wanna say thanks for everything forum. I hope you all do well in whatever it is currently do as well as any future ambitions you might have. Who knows, perhaps if I get good enough you may see me doing something art related at a brony-con. Although I might also just carry my artistic passion into a weebaboo, furry, or, Starwars fandom. lol Later guys! <3 <3 <3 Also as a side note:
  6. You know you're right. That advice is probably... or rather... "it is" what I needed to hear. Thank you. While you definitely are't wrong here, I have to remember that there's also a secondary truth to it. If there's someone out there who is worse off than me as far as artistic skill goes, it also means there is always going to be someone better than me as well. While I don't mean to say this as if to spin a pessimistic view on the idea, I do think I should probably be realistic about the art world I inhabit. This is especially so considering that I'm willing to post and interact with other artist all over the internet. Its simply nature that comes with the inter-webbed art world. I ether have to accept this and embrace the idea or, pretend that I'm not apart of it. Personally, I prefer the latter. I think I as well as many other artist need to have someone better than them. A way to know that you can and will always grow. It also doesn't hurt to have someone to look up to as a guiding hero figure of sorts. Thanks again, it does mean a lot and I appreciate it.
  7. Ugh... really been in a rut lately with what I want to accomplish artistically versus what I can accomplish artistically... This drawing didn't go at all the way I wanted it to... What I have in my head and what I put on canvas seem to be pretty opposite. Oh well, what can you do other than keep practicing right? I'll get there eventually. Also, speaking of practice... this might be my last post for a while. I think I'm gonna take some leap time for study. I'll be back soon or not. See ya when I see ya guys. Thanks for viewing.
  8. Awesome! I love this one! Its so cool and looks grate!
  9. Currently working on a Fluttershy artwork that I might be able to turn into a 1920x1080 wallpaper. :grin:

    Funny enough, I cant tell how sharp the res on it will be because I work on a 2560x1440 monitor lol.


    Days of green and blue.png

  10. cute banner x3

  11. Hello, there ^0^

    I love the new banner <3

    Really great job, pal.

  12. Yo! Just popping by to say that new banner is lovely! Nice work! 

  13. ~~Image update bump~~ Render resolution quality buff 640x1107 Sorry.. just felt the need to do a quick little image update, the rez was really bothering me. ================================================ I appreciate the positive feedback guys, many thanks.
  14. Truth be told I ended up titling this piece "Kawaii". Why? Probably because I'm a weeaboo scrub lord or something idk. Anyway, I haven't done an artwork this technically heavy in a while so needless to say I'm a bit rusty. It didn't final out the way I wanted it to exactly but, (sigh) it'll have to do.... ty for viewing. ===============================================================
  15. I need help from any artist that might have the know how on something.


    screen lyra 2.png