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  1. *Sorry, The User you've tried to reach is not available.Your number shall be....*
  2. Depressed, perhaps? Danggit, the character limit has risen!
  3. It has been a long time... was it? I'm impressed with the latest MLP season...

    1. lomk


      Sure is going a LOT better than Season 3 thus far.

    2. Sunset Shimmering

      Sunset Shimmering

      You got that right!

  4. Hmm... Not bad on picking up evidence and flaws in testimonies. Are you some sort of an Ace Attorney or something? You're good! :D If gave me a choice on whether I like Dubstep or Metal more, I'd prefer Dubstep more! One, I wasn't trying to make the sentence sound ignorant... FYI, I love dubstep, you know...
  5. Like Dubsteps, Right? Although is loud and sounds corrupted, the entire overall of the genre and its song is quite nice, provided if you're used to it!
  6. Ok, so, I don't think I said it specifically enough, let me try to rephrase it... Metal sounded like a song which was meant for devils and satans...
  7. Old Folk - That is so out-of-century and super slow as heck... Metal - Too loud, most of their lyrics mostly contains things about satans Country - Boooooring... Classic - OMG... Too clas- * Died for severe case of inchy pinchy pain syndrome*
  8. This sounds really fun, count me in the competition! My turn, my turn! My Half-Pony name is Ice Fusion His father's name is Nuclear Zero His mother's name is Magma Crater
  9. Hmm... Let's see how many times I've said it and the counts I got... What the Hay!? x 54 Buck You x 104 Pinkie is best pony x 26 My Little Pony x 72 Everypony x Over Nine Thousand!!!
  10. Sunset Shimmering

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    1891... Where my immortal friend Gabriel, was born...
  11. Trolololo... I'm bored...

  12. Oh yeah... Got into a crash accident not long ago, around 4 months back. Not that its severe or anything, but that was basically one of the most fun and exciting accident I've ever been to! The road was basically unstable and unsafe to go to, but I was a little bit naughty and decided to try out the road at high speed. EDIT: When that accident happens, I was launched out through the front window at 10 metres high.. ( Apparently , the car can fly, so it flew with me.) Luckily, I didn't do any face plant back there but instead, I did a barrel roll! Too bad the car received critical and seve
  13. I usually sleep around 12 hours a day, because I'm a vampire! Just Kidding! Its because I am a heavy sleeper and uses too much energy during the day...
  14. Mine's probably Vinyl Scratch...She is outgoing and loud. LITERALLY! Other than Vinyl, next is probably Octavia. I like her unique design....
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