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  1. Im a PC player looking for a team. Im lvl 109 and currently a plat in rank. My steam is Kengo19
  2. Anypony been able to find My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle in any stores? Not a big fan of ordering online, to many bad experiences.
  3. I went into this episode not know anything about it. When they said parents I had to pause the video and process what I just heard. I just wish it said what happened to them.
  4. Kengo19


  5. Ah ok, thank you all very much. Been driving me crazy trying to find it.
  6. Im looking online and google says its out on OCT 1 but, everywhere I go online to but it says NOV 1. If its out where can I buy it (physical or digital).
  7. All the time. I even have sleeveless pony shirts to show off my pony tattoo.
  8. I need some advice. I'm wanting to creating a pony animation in SFM but every time I open it up I'm no longer motivated to work on it. This is something that I really want to do and I already know what I want to make. The full story will be about 1 hour long which is one reason I get discouraged because its so long, but to get the full ideal in that's about the shortest time I can make it. Also I am a gamer so games distract me a lot. Does anypony else get like this and what do you do about it?
  9. Im trying to see if there are any bronies or pegasisters playing Blade and Soul on the NA Taywong server. If there are I would be willing to make a clan so we can talk ponies while in game.
  10. Anyone know of a G1 G4 crossover come or fanfic?
  11. Does the Itunes version have the scene after the ending credits or the mini clips?
  12. anypony know where I can download the songs from season 4? I can't use things like Piratebay.
  13. I just got a new Ford Mustang and I want to get a paint job on the side of my car of Twilight (preferably using magic) that looks epic. Can anyone recommend a good picture?
  14. I just got a new Ford Mustang and I want to get a paint job on the side of my car of Twilight (preferably using magic) that looks epic. Can anyone recommend a good picture?
  15. I just had a weird pony dream. You can read about it here
  16. We would teach you, Ive taught a few people how to play.
  17. just use your imagination to see a pegasi moving them
  18. We just play a regular game over a webcam. Sorry for the late reply. If I haven't added you and you still want in send me a message or reply here or send me a message in skye, eric.moorer My pic is my OC.
  19. I went to a hospital to have a MRI done (I have back problems). After it was done a doctor (which looked like a mad doctor from movies) came in and gave me a pill. Not thinking much about it I took the pill, which caused me to black out in a few seconds. When I woke up the doctor was standing. I went to rub my head because I was a bit dizzy and noticed I had something sticking out of my head. I stared at the dock for a second before lowering my hand to look at it, as I did I noticed my hand was a hoof. I looked back to the Doctor and asked for a mirror, he smiled and pointed to a standing mirror in the room. I slowly got on all four and trying to remember the the ponies from the show walked, slowly made my way to the mirror. When I was in front of it I was shocked to see myself as a Alicorn. I had a white/greyish body and a blond/brownish mane and tail that looked like the mane and tail my OC has, and for my cutie mark it was a golden crown. I looked at the the both shocked and happy, wanting to thank him t didn't know if I should. I did ask the doctor what he thought my cutie mark ment. He said It was probably meant to say I was meant to ruler (and no I don't think like this IRL). The next scene was me running for mayor or president (not sure since I was just at a rally. I never showed my face to the crowd but they still supported me. Then I was at a debate where they said I had to show my face so I walked out and everyone gasped at me. Then I was back home and I got a Skype call on my Xbox One, It was someone from Brony Con. When I answered it I was off camera and a girls voice (not sure who) ask if she could see me, so I jumped and sat on my couch. She asked me a question about gaming, can't really remember what she asked I used my magic and lifted a X1 controller in front of the camera and and its a bit harder to play now. Then she asked me to appear at Brony Con and I replied sure. I was then at Brony Con and they said I could enter from the back so no one saw me, I said no that I would go in the front entrance. I was then flying toward the front entrance as I got closer the bronies noticed me and started cheering. They made a opening so I could fly into the con center so I did. I was then at a Q&A panel. I remember one brony asked me if I watched the show, I said yes, that I loved it. another one asked me If I could pose for a picture like Celestia does when shes addressing other ponies (wings spread looking royal). So I got up and went in front of the table and posed liked he asked. After a few pics like that I turned and did a pose like Applejewel's duck face. Everyone cheered and took a few more pics. Then another person said "I know this might be weird but could I touch you. I laughed a littl bit and asid sure everyone could as long as it in appropriate places. I walked down where everyone could get to me and they started touching my mane, horn, wings, and back. Then I woke up. I have to say this was a Awesome dream.
  20. We have a Skype ccg play group going all you need is a deck and a webcam. If anypony wants in post their Skype name and what your picture is (just in case there is more that 1 with that name).
  21. Would anypony be interested in plying a game of mlp ccg with me over skype? Well if anypony does you can add me my skype is eric.moorer
  22. I love babies. I can't wait to have some of my own.