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    We all die, the goal is not to live forever but to create somthing that does

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  1. i gottta marry that avatar its sooo cute
  2. Lightning-Lionheart

    Searching Paranoia

    Could i join with my OC Lightning Lionheart? I have never done a group RP before so i might get a bit confused at times oh i need to create a page about it dont i.. ugh i will do it asap
  3. elisha.misra please add me im 12 and ime female and i like art and tv and reading and writing and lots of other stuff so hello
  4. My mum was an Alkie so Im not so keen on drinking and its not good for you. Some of my friends are like 'omg lets have a sleepover and even though we are only 12 i will get us some beer and weed and we can get drunk and high' and im like... yeah NO
  5. cool thats fine and i should have guessed ^^ i might fan art your oc some time im in love with him :D:D:D:D overdoes of smiles ftw xD
  6. Yeah please send me a link or something when your done btw I love your OC he's so cool whats his name as you can probably guess my OC is Lightning Lionheart
  7. i love this episode because it made me fall in lurve with pinkie pie i dont know why but i now have this massive obbsesion with her having another personality (Pinkamena Diana Pie) even though she doesnt but i would love to see that sadly its a kids show and having phsyco ponies isnt that kid friendly lolz
  8. dont know the characters but im loving the picture and im loving the designs i like the way you took the refrence and made another picture that looked diffrent and origanal because some people just trace
  9. Adorable now im craving a lollie. I love the eyes and hair and the outlines and well i just like think pic i want to see more ~ love LLH
  10. I loving this its so cool im just squealing the blood on her cheek is cute and the helmets in the background add a great touch.. i just realise i called blood cute but i think you get what i mean :DDD
  11. I love this picture of Fluttershy It kinda makes me feel like im seeing a whole new side of her the BG is nice to it sets a great atmosphere
  12. Nice I like them all they are much better than anything I could do. I love Rainbow Dash's pose and Pinkie Pies expression and Fluttershy looks so adorable
  13. Lightning-Lionheart


    I'm new round here I finished all three seasons a while ago and watched th EG movie yesterday, I quite enjoyed it though it had its flaws lol Oh I should tell you a bit about me, Ponyname: Lightning Lionheart (my friend made it i loves you leo) Age: 10+ Intrests: Mlp, Art, Writing Fiction, Reading, Listening to music and other stuff
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