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  1. The new games look so incredible. It's a real thrill to see all the positive feedback for them. The new dynamics that have been added to it look positively revolutionary, and I'm enjoying reading up on all that's being said. Don't have X or Y yet. Hurts a little, given my intense and longstanding love of Pokemon... but I guess that'll just make it all the sweeter when I finally hold the game in my hands, yeah? Heh. Hoping for Version Y, and planning to be on "Team Froakie". Does anyone have any tips they'd like to share for starting off the game strongly? When I go in, I'd like to be prepared to kick some tail and take some names.
  2. One more Christian brony/pegasister [or whatever nomenclature you want] for the record right here. Just another body stepping in for the count and maybe the fellowship. Guess we'll see. Didn't really want to grow up to be a Christian 'cause I thought they were icky when I was younger. Now here I am, a bonafied sister in Christ. Never would've expected that particular plot twist, guess you could say my experience was a classic example of "you may not [want to] believe in God, but He sure believes in you". This isn't story time, though. Not going to comment on some of the more "political" subjects brewing here, but will say that CS Lewis' works can be quite illuminating - and I don't mean the story of Narnia. I mean masterpieces like The Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity. Helps to have a learned perspective on the matter - and my goodness, the man is learned and he will make you think!
  3. Are we still friends?

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      Heh. Thank you for being so doggone patient with me.

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      I'll repond to your PM later. On my ipad right now, and typing is a paaaaaaiiiiiiiiiin!


      *hugs and platonic kisses*

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      Hear you there. 'Cept I don't have an iPad, and give my devotion to my quirky smartphone instead.


      No need to fret, take your time - consider our online correspondence on Island Time and stress free!

  4. Of course. Can't live this long and live on the internet and not have online relations, now can you? Heh. A lot of the people who I considered friends along the way and had some depth of relationship with or at least great, life-changing admiration for were folks online. My online socializing started with Neopets, the two most influential being a girl by the moniker TC and Meowthgal. From there on, there were others - others that I picked up from all over the place. It was by "meeting" these people, PMing with them, role playing with them, and creating with them that laid the foundation for my interests and allowed me to really experience the depth and breadth of what relationships could be. In loose contact still with some of those folks today, others... well, hiccups happen and hearts change [and then there are some I'm just too embarrassed to try reaching out to again]. There's a lot of folks I've met up with from the online world, too. The experiences have ranged from acceptable to flat out awesome. A person behind a screen is still a person, and just as valuable a face as the faces that physically sit next to you. If you forge a noteworthy friendship with someone, online or in person, it's a shame not to nurture it.
  5. Right handed. Pains me to admit it, though. Used to be ambidextrious, though years of use and convenience have turned me into someone who is functionally right handed. You wouldn't believe how notes smudge when you're going from things from the left. Might teach myself back into ambidextriousness again someday, who knows? My husband is a "southpaw", though - fancy term for left-handed person. Guess if you smushed us together we'd be ambidextrious. That count?
  6. Actually am fairly patriotic. When I see veterans, I thank them for their service and sometimes tear up in war movies. There are a lot of things about the United States of America that are less than Utopian, but not only is that to be found anywhere our political inconvenience is trite in comparison with many places around the world. There are also some places clearly ahead of us, but eh. This is the human world, we can't have it all. Even with all the corruption and the bits of mainstream culture that sometimes inspire feelings of hopelessness... I am still proud of our country and how much it's grown in the short time that it's existed compared to other countries and cultures. The USA doesn't do things halfheartedly; we've done things that are terrible, but we've also done things that are truly great, and it's fair to acknowledge both. At the end of the day, I do love the United States. It's my home.
  7. ... Eh. Guess it depends on what is meant by the term "awkward". Is awkward a substitute for "incompetent", "non-normative, "unaware", "off-beat", or something else entirely? Guess we'll never know. There's too many ways to translate the idea of what it means to be socially awkward to give a clear response beyond the fact that all people fumble socially from time to time. Many people may feel they are being awkward when they are not; truly, many people are anxious when speaking to each other and are uncertain how to carry on a conversation - it's a big portion of why small talk and changes of theme in conversation happen. It's a matter of how convincingly one is covering that up, I suppose. For what it is worth, I would cast my vote as sometimes. I am considered charming and welcome company by the public just as much as I am considered an eccentric. One does not necessarily outweigh the other. Top-notch at customer service and I could sell art lessons to a blind man, but I also will not hesitate to go running through a public fountain and can become very flustered around people expressing strong emotions. Social propriety is a sliding scale, I flip-flop around it as often as anyone else. Now, the change of generations? Every generation is different than the one before it, and I am inclined to agree that the new generations may be trading in one type of intelligence for another. Previous generations tended to be more knowledgeable over all, whereas newer generations tend to be more knowledgeable only within their sphere of interest. Einstein once said that he feared the age when technology would surpass human interaction, because the world would have a generation of idiots. Words worth thinking over, certainly. Not a person immune or outside of his warning, either. I am constantly amazed at my own ignorance.
  8. Would like to take a moment to reiterate that introversion has little to do with how shy or withdrawn a person is and extroversion has little to do with how outspoken or exuberant a person is [though there is some correlation]. Introversion and extroversion are how you function in relation to the world, and where your energy and inspiration comes from- from inside yourself, or outside yourself. For example I am regarded as quite socially charming and gregarious, and have an affection for the human condition as well as the individual. The big secret is that I tire of company easily, and require quite a lot of time by myself to feel whole and function adequately. Now then... You saying I wear my type on my sleeve? Heh, sounds like a mighty compliment from you so I'll take it as such. Thank you kindly. Not surprised to learn Icarus is one of my kind. Agree that INFJs and INFPs get along swimmingly, never had any evidence to the contrary. Many of my best acquaintances are INFPs, seems those two types are magnetically drawn to each other. Personality radar, almost. Rock on to the purest, mon cher.
  9. Like. Very fond of conventions, though I've really only ever toured one as an attendee; most of the time if I'm at a convention, I am volunteering my time. Folks give respect to the staff badge. Disclaimer here is that I've attended only anime and/or pop culture science conventions, which leaves out brony and furry conventions - but I figure it's more of the same. Renegades from the internet and misbehavior can be found, sure. Just remember they are probably lonely and maladjusted, few of the nerdkid species intend harm. Of course, there are some that do. There are always creepers at conventions, just like there are always real cool cats. Depends on how you play your cards and what you do, not too unlike real life [just with more cosplay and stuff].
  10. Been told that hate would be an adequate and reasonable response towards the maternal side of my biological family but "hate" is such a strong word, I deign to use it. To me, hate implies feeling negatively so strongly that the perpetual desire for ill will for someone would be brought fourth, and perhaps even acted upon. My waves of bitterness, anger, and sometimes pettiness are just that - waves... they come and go quite naturally, perhaps because of grief still being shouldered. -Shrugs.- I am sooner to simply cut someone off before I am to hate them, though that's not to say I can't hold a grudge. I am a very talented grudge-holder once I commit to holding one. On my good days I wish those whom I have walked away from well, some part of them loves them and aches for them still, though I've made the conscious decision never to let them back into my life ever again. On my bad days, I'm inclined to say anything bad they experience they've brought upon themselves and justly deserve. It's a work in progress.
  11. Years of research and a little bit of denial have led me to the doorstep of accepting myself as an INFJ. Driven by introverted intuition first, utilitarian feelings "for the good" second, with elaborately adjusted reason coming in at third, and my interactions with physical reality are clumsy as an adolescent on a first date. Can't get more plain than that, heh. To claim pride in my type may be a little superfluous, but taking the time to research and really invest in the theories behind those four letters is a wonderful cornerstone for understanding yourself and others. Highly recommend.
  12. January. Specifically January 2nd. Was due in March, obviously I was in a hurry to get living. The day is a bit crunched by Christmas and the New Year, people tend to be out of town or simply burned out. Fortunately, I am happy to have small and intimate parties and don't really require a party at all. My new family also has a tradition of making birthday parties separate of the actual birthday, which is a bit interesting in and of itself. They shocked me a few months ago by staging a surprise party at a rollercoaster park. It's convenient to change age with the calendar year, too.
  13. That's true, there's nothing like holding on to a big dog. Every pit bull I've met has been unbelievably sweet, and I noticed you mentioned rottweilers which are also unbelievably sweet. The only breed that really sets me on edge are chowchows, but it's probably irrational on my part. They're pretty dogs, and I am sure they can be great companions as well. But, anyways... not what I came here to reply to! Depression surely can be a terrible enemy. However, I would like to draw attention to how much stronger you've become over the course of a year; you show more humor, you display more resilience, you have goals you didn't have before, you're getting stronger all the time - the depression is still there, and it's hard to notice when you're the one fighting it but you are making progress. You are conquering. There are so many detailed factors that break into everything, and facing death can be terrifying, numbing, metaphorically fire-bringing... Can't predict how you will react to it, but I can promise you that every day you're waking up a little bit stronger than the day before and that you are capable of more courage than you give yourself credit for.
  14. Hawk Moth brought me here, and I'd be a right fool not to recognize Vay. There are surely others from EQF here, but I don't know them on a personal level because I'm a silly little hermit. If there is anyone else I'm familiar with, am completely oblivious to 'em being here. Might have intentions of bringing in fresh meat another person, though. Have a pony-geared pal who might enjoy this place, might just have to pull him over from the other side of the web.
  15. Cheers to the "dog people" of the world, hurrah! You picked a lot of great breeds, it's comforting to have big critters around. Some critters adopted me when I married into my new family, and having big dogs around is a new but very charming experience. Suppose I have a slight preference for medium or small dogs 'cause they are more familiar to me, but the general rule is that if it's a dog it's good. Dream of a Chinese Crested or Bedlington Terrier someday. You flatter me, friend. I'm the fortunate one. My husband has quite a lot to put up with, especially considering my emotional lockjaw. Talking about my own feelings is hard, and that's a pretty major factor in the art of communication and one of those little things I'm working on building up for the future. ... And speaking of futures, I'm quite sure you can succeed in yours!