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  1. It... was the most horrific thing I have ever seen... By far... nothing even comes within 5 galaxies of it... THEY COULD OF AT LEAST USED THE PROPER SONG!
  2. Hello, some of you might be know that I do Dramatic Readings on the Joehighlord YouTube channel (though I have a consistent viewer base of about 4, so, probably not) I'm always trying to improve my content, but due to the lack of viewers to yell at me to make changes... I came here with a simple question for you all. What do you like in a Dramatic Reading! So, do you value High quality and consistent voice acting? Background music? Lots of Sound Effects? Tell me what you would have in your perfect Dramatic Reading and I will do my best to improve all of my readings in future.... Of course, we need Examples and I feel like plunging my channel... Good example Bad example
  3. I think it's the best episode in the entire series, I'm fine with Twilight becoming an Alicorn, I think it was done extremely well... But if they dare do it to any of the other mane 6 without a very good reason... FAN-FICTIONS WILL BURN!
  4. I have tried writing a Fan-Fiction, it failed miserably before chapter 2!
  5. Hello, I am the mighty Joehighlord! Or, if you prefer, call me the boring and egocentric moron. Great way to introduce myself I know. Who wants to know something about me? No, what not at all? Well I'm going to tell you anyway. I read fan-Fiction... Far too much fan-Fiction... Then I read them on YouTube then I'll post them on forums like this... This is literally all I do with my life. That is all. I will leave you too your lives. There is Fan-Fiction to read.
  6. These are some Dramatic readings I've done of various Fan-Fictions. If you have any feedback or mindless hate you want to bestow upon me, post it on the video in question then I'm more likely to see it. In Celestia We Trust, All Others Pay Cash Schemering Sintel Late Fees
  7. I've started doing dramatic readings. This one is a Fan-Fiction called How to Preen Your Chicken. it's a Rainbow dash and schootaloo Fan-Fic that will to make you go aww at least once. I NEED CRITICISM ON EVERYTHING. Be as harsh as possible, I don't have emotions and negativity drives my improvement.
  8. I AM NOT DEAD! this is one of my new style Video's where I review multiple Fan-Fic's in one video. each Story is reviewed in a lot less detail than I would normally because I don't have nearly as much to say about them. I will continue to do these every so often but I will mainly be doing the normal single badly reviewed by series.
  9. Continuing my terrible series of Fan-Fiction reviews. My aim's with these are to bring attention to the less well known Fan-Fictions out there... well, Past sins was an exception but that's to good to be ignored. Any and all feedback will be read and appreciated. these video's are very slowly improving in quality the more i do them.
  10. Jolly bouncy up and down type feeling that i get from watching the movie successfully killed... yay I apparently need 20 more letters to post this.... that'll do it.
  11. Here's a review, any and all feedback will be appreciated and used to improve future reviews and or dramatic readings. I'd also like recommendation on software i could use to make these things.