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  1. happy thanksgiving everybody hop eu all luv turkey

  2. lol I just noticed that not many ponies like pinkie pie because of the references of "cupcakes"that was made by captainsparkle.

  3. I have a question for everyone and its really impotant...if you were transported to mlp equestria what would y do first its your opinion though... plus give me a reasable answer.. and NOOOO VULGAR LANGUAGE OR SEXUAL REFERECES

    1. Zero


      I guess just look around and admire the scenery until I made it to Ponyville or Canterlot, or whatever.

    2. Blue Blaze

      Blue Blaze

      I would go work for the royal guards if I can or avoid pinkie pie cuz I do not want to be tured into cupcakes

    3. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      I would go find Rainbow Dash and tell her how amazing she is.

  4. I've been sitting down watching pony videos and noticed my cat staring at me for 2 hours. its really weird.

  5. @dragon441 I'm still here but I don't know about saosinkid. Anyways the weapons I'll be. Using are the snipers, laser pistols, and the power hooves. My armor will be the enclave armor.
  6. Sure just tell saosinkid that we're ready and he needs to start the story.
  7. It was... THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. It was a total pain to get rid of.
  8. I've been hearing about a custom story on amnesia. i played it and it scared the apples out of me.

  9. sry about me not answering any thing at all everypony my computer produced the blue screen of death and it took me a long time to fix it...boy I have a lot of notifications.

  10. Sry my computer went on the fritz and it took me a loooong time to get it fixed. Ok guys I thought about things and we should choose the weapons we are good with like primaries, secondaries, laser guns, explosives, and melee. But its up to saosinkid.
  11. Blue Blaze

    Searching dating rp

    Hey dude sorry my computer went on the fritz and it took me a long time to fix it. Sry I see that you added more characters
  12. Blue Blaze

    Private The Unknown Danger

    (Soo sry guys my. Computer went nuts and it took me a long time to get it fixed.) Pinkie pie gave wildcard one of her big bear hugs "awe that was so nice." She said and paused for a moment then blurted out.. "LET'S HAVE A PARTY." and shoved a cupckae in her mouth not letting go of wildcard.
  13. Blue Blaze

    Private The Unknown Danger

    "Okay I'll just get something else like one of those metal sticky thing that you throw." Pinkie smile and walked off trotting over to the destination of the thing she was talking about. She picks it up and shows everyone what it is. "I've been wandering what this thing is." She picks it up and pokes it with her hoof.
  14. Oh I've always wanted to join an zombie rp, I can't link my character to you so I'll tell you his name, backstory, and other things His name is sunny days, he is useful with pistols and shotguns, he can repair defend, repair thing, and knows how to fight, he will be in ponyville. His backstory: sunny days was a pegasus, he learned how to use pistols with his wings and hold a third guns in his hooves, when the apocalypse started he went to his friends house to save them, he was to late and bitten on the leg, after a few months he noticed he was immune to the infection and began on a journey to
  15. Blue Blaze

    Private The Unknown Danger

    "Ooooooo what's that.." Pinkie asked as she pointed to the thing on wildcards back. "What's it do, and where do I get one." She gave twilight the irresistible puppy eyes. "Pweeeeeease." She sadly, she then sat down on the ground, and ate a cupcake. "MMM cupcakes." Pinkie said joyfully.
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