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  1. Why do haters hate us Brony's and Pegasisters so much?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      because they don't practice Love, tolerance, acceptance, friendship, understanding?

    3. Capt. Snuggle Gruff

      Capt. Snuggle Gruff

      Because they secretly love us. Maybe

    4. \/


      Because : 1. Society hates differences. 2. Society holds models. 3. MLP is marketed towards little girls

      4. We're "easy targets" for bullying. 5. They don't understand us.

  2. Nothing much but MLP :P

  3. Y-yes, thank you for letting me stay here till I get warmer, I really appreciate it and all. Even though I'm a hit, some people still hate me and all. But you are right about one thing though and that's i had a bad day. But I'd rather not talk about that subject anymore..
  4. L-look, im sorry for pushing you and Ocelot but do you have a heater, I feel relly cold and all from coming from the water. But please do take my apology and accept it okay? S-so, how was your day before I pushed you two in the hallway and all that, I saw Ocelot getting pissed at me by the way.
  5. As Night Star was feeling cold from the water and not drying of, he decided to go to the nearest room that he was closest to. As he knocked on the door, he noticed the room belonged to Pink Mist, he didnt know if she was there, but he still knocked the door.
  6. As Night Star was still under the water, he felt calm and relief. He knew he was running out of air soon would pass out and drown. But as he was under the water, a random pony was walking by the beach and saw him and pulled him out." What are you doing!" Night Star yelled at the pony, his dark blue mane wet.
  7. As Night Star went downstairs, he decided why not go to the beach here again, so he goes. As he was there, he met other ponies but he was'nt in the mood to talk at the time. He then looked at the water and decided to see how long he could breath under water. And so he stays under water holding his breath.
  8. As Night Star was going out of his room and toward the roof, he pushed Pink Mist and Ocelot out of the way as he walked to the top of the building. When he reached the roof, he remembered all the friends he made and saw the beautiful scenery and just looked of in the distance.
  9. As Night Star got up to go to his room, he pushed a chair to the ground and went on a full on sprint to his room. When he got there, he locked the door and started crying a bit." Why me, she was the one and now, she's gone and I am single." Night Star said, trying to calm himself by listening to dubstep.
  10. As Night Star walked out of the beach, he decided to dry himself of but not his mane, so he could get the other pony's. That was when he went to a table his phone rang." Hey Vinyl." "Hey, um I need to tell you something." "Sure thing!" "Im breaking up with you now." Then she hang up and Night Star just hit his hoof on the table with a loud bang.
  11. "Uh, are you Emerald Wave?" The 16 year old cop asked." Okay, here is the deal, the pony that is now in custody, his name is Inferno, we just needed for you to know in case he escapes and is hiding with his true colors instead of being pitch black and all that." The 19 year old cop stepped in saying all of this information that she might need to know. 'You know, out of every pony here, that you can't keep me in here forever warden.' Inferno pointed out to him." We all know now that you faked your own death with the help of Night Star, we know that you are still alive." The warden said to him as he got closer and ever so closer to his cell.' I wonder what might happen to your family then.' Inferno said with a crazed grin." You stay away from them!" The warden yelled in his face.' Or what?' He asked getting happier by the minute." Or so Celestia help me I will hurt you SO bad." He said, feeling age starting to catch up to him.' That is, if you are still around to see them again.' Inferno said, going to his bed, separated from the other prisoners.
  12. "Mom?" Night Star called out in a brightly lit area." It is not your time to die yet." His mother said coming into view." Yes it is. You have to let me die or else others will be asking me how I survived when the steel pipe skewered me." Night Star pointed out to her. "Ok, just follow us to your cell and you'll be staying there for a pretty long time to be exact." The 19 year old cop stated.' Now, tell me your plan on making sure i do not leave this prison.' The pony said with amusement in his voice. Then a cop came in, looking to be in his forties now." Well, Inferno, we will make you stay here." 'I said for you pony's NOT to say my name anymore!' Inferno yelled at them." Now we know that this dark pony's name is Inferno. You two! Go tell those younger mares that caught him what his name is so they could try and put this, puzzle, together, ok?" The older cop yelled at them." Yes sir!" Both the 16 and 19 year old cops said in unison before heading back to that scene." Now, time to take YOU to your cell." The cop said. The two cops saw the area and parked so they could knock on one of the mares name, Emeralds door.
  13. As Night Star was putting every single one of his belongings away, he decided to go for a stroll on the beach, with his swim trunks on him, he decided to swim in the water and have some fun with the others and after that, his dark blue mane was all wet as he swam in the water.
  14. As Night Star was finally waking up from that long night of fun and excitement, he decided to go to the bathroom listening to Louder, which was dubstep." My goodness! That was an awsome night! But maybe I had a little bit more to drink, but hey, new ponies are coming in today!" Night Star said to himself.