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    Life is not always a cake walk served up on a silver spoon. Just stick it out a little while longer, and I promise that the rewards of your perseverance will be worth the struggle you went through.
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  1. Haven't been on her in forever. Good to be back.

  2. The calm, icy skies of the winter months were placed in your eyes. The streaks of white clouds. The bright blue of an arctic midday. The only part that is missing would be the sun, but I think that we all know that it lies within your smile
  3. How can I be true to myself if I don't even know who I am?

  4. Truly, you must be some sort of Norse God; that beard is unmatched, goodsir! Wow. You are really, really, really, really, really really, really, really, really, really pretty. I did a thingy. I no longer have brownish hair.
  5. Webassign in a nutshell: Me: *enters an answer* Webassign: "Nope, that's wrong." Me: "Oh, ok. Can you help me out? Maybe give me a hint as to what I did wrong?" Webassign: "Here's a link to the page where the problem you're trying to do is. But the way the answers are formatted in the book are not how we want you to format them in the online homework." Me: "Can you tell me how you want it formatted?" Webassign: "lol, no." Me: Well that's...

  6. Here's a picture of me doing my completely normal job And here's a picture of me being super serious
  7. At least two pints everyday. Coffee is love and life.
  8. For me, it's circumstantial. Am I with other people? Are they with other people? Can I run? How close am I to them? Am I armed?Am I protecting myself, or a loved one? How much space is available in my environment? All of that aside, seven years ago I would have shown whoever is attacking me that yes, there is indeed a 'behind your trachea.' However, after training in my martial art for seven years, I can say that I would just not engage. Recently, someone pulled a knife on me downtown. Instead of using all of my skills to send him to the morgue, like I had always fantisized, I just pushed him aside and kept walking.
  9. I return! Hopefully for good this time. After a lot of battles with my old computer, I finally purchased a new one so that I could use AutoCAD2015. Anywhoozle, I shouldn't be disappearing anymore until school starts up again. Which is next week. Bleh.

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    2. Arretez


      I used to cut my legs when I was thirteen because I didn't have any good ways to express my anger, and the pain kept me from focusing on what was making me angry. But I switched to biting myself since it was a more readily available way to relieve the stress. I managed to stop for a while, but after all of this crap I went through, I kinda relapsed. So I'm trying to recover again.


    3. Cakey


      Aw man, that's sounds horrible...hope you recover soon *hugs*

    4. Arretez


      Thanks, man :) *hugs*

  10. Irish! I find Irish accents adorable!
  11. I'm almost nineteen, and I still sleep with my stuffed dog, Tuffy. It's nice having something to cuddle while I sleep
  12. I was really nervous with my first kiss, so after I kissed my this girl, I patted her on the head... I'm a cellist, and on my first day of orchestra I was put at the top of the pit. Right before we were about to play Don Giovanni, my inpin collapsed and I fell down through five rows, taking stands and violists with me until I landed at the conductor's feet. When I was twelve, I had a crush on a girl in my martial arts class, so I was trying not to be awkward and mess stuff up. When we were doing our rolling drills, I had to roll and grab a basketball. What I wasn't told was that it was a twenty pound medicine ball. So I kinda flopped over it and then it spun on top of my head for a few seconds before flying off into the distance. When I first started driving, I forgot that my car was in neutral and not reverse, so I revered my engine while parked between two cops. The look they gave me hurt my soul. I was walking around campus while listening to "walking on sunshine." It's impossible for me not to dance when listening to that song, but I might stop since I got caught dancing terribly by my math teacher. I still have trouble using the underground parts of my college campus, so I was wandering around looking for the stairs with two cups of coffee in my hands. I finally found a sign that said "stairs," but since my hands were full I had to kick the door. Well, I kicked right into some guy's lecture. What's worse is that I did the same thing ten minutes later. Same guy. Still couldn't find the stairs. I once walked into a mirror thinking it was a doorway.
  13. Things that really bother me... When people say that young adult fiction, like the Hunger Games and Divergent, are kids' books. When people spout misinformation. When people think that because I'm Christian, I think sex and swearing are evil. When people aren't honest with me. I'd rather you hurt my feelings than sugar-coat lies. When people say that Christmas is about peace on earth. When people tell me I'm wrong about something that I specialize in. And one that really, really annoys me: when people tell me that I'm wrong about astrology. I'm just a fourth generation astrologer by trade. But please, do continue to tell me how only your sun sign matters, and how, because the sign of your month does not exactly reflect who you are, why I'm an ignorant child, astrology is devil worship, and how it's my fault that your daily horoscope doesn't predict the future.