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  1. I loved this episode, it was really adorable. Plus, I like Weird Al's work. Pinkie was in character I felt, she was just goofy and fun love..not stupid or annoying acting. It was a really fun episode overall and I like the lesson she learned. I was surprised her key wasn't rainbow colored, though.
  2. I don't even understand mild annoyance towards his character. So what if he was a cliche character in EqG? The entire movie was a cliche. The Mane 6 were all cliche characters...all of them, The only reason anyone would see otherwise is because we know their characterization from the show and associated it with their movie/human counterparts. Flash was meant to be a pretty boy to add a new layer to Twilight's journey and at that he wasn't even a HUGE character), and to connect with the intended audience. His appearance wasn't good nor bad, and we only got to see his cliche EqG counterpart. This same concept also applies with Sunset Shimmer. I would LOVE to see BOTH of these characters come into the show. I feel their pony counterparts would be more interesting and could have some great storylines. Who knows..Flash could be some crazy strong warrior with a backstory that blows everyone away. And SS, I love that idea that she was Princess C's former student gone rogue. Sometimes I think this fandom will hold back the show from potentially new and great things. People get their panties in such a twist over anything that could potentially change the dynamic...whether it be for better or worse. I am interested in them adding depth and characterization to these characters. This show isn't Equestria Girls. They don't have to be cliched. But if the writers see the hissy fits of some of those in the community, we will never even find out.
  3. Overall I liked the episode. The song, like in Bats! was a lot like Danny Elfman's work. Sounded a lot like Jack Skellington singing in some of the parts. So many references! Pretty awesome. Liked the Risky Business reference Discord made. The overreactions about Flash Sentry being in it for a whopping 3 seconds are incredibly painful to read though. Really wasn't that big of a deal...
  4. Ahhhh a Flash S callback ETA: Nice Crystal pony guard Edited for spelling and stuff.
  5. I like this show, as I like other cartoons and shows in general. I do not consider myself a brony, or a pegasister. Just as I don't have/want a title for liking my other favorite shows. I know others who like the show. They do not consider themselves bronies either. Personally, I am not ashamed of the show, but rather the overly outspoken part of the community, such as those who feel the need to post their love for the show everywhere or argue with those who don't feel the same way they do. And also those that make this show their lifestyle. I don't dislike these people...it's their lives, they can do what makes them happy. But I can't say that every time I see, say, a hoard of grown men wearing pony gear and costumes dancing badly to trap music, I don't cringe incredibly hard... Essentially, it's that part of the fandom that brings everything down and destroys the credibility for the rest of the fandom. I don't want to be associated with that. A lot of people from the outside look at many of these particular fans as worshiping the show as if it were some cult-like symbol instead of viewing it as simply just a show. It's a great way to escape the real world for a half hour every so often and just feel nice. The "love and tolerate" and "join the herd" phrases don't fly with me. I love talking with other fans about the show and for the most part, the people I encounter are pretty down to Earth- but the ones I see in documentaries just...I don't even know.
  6. I've noticed this a lot, actually. Just watch an old Pinkie episode and then Pinkie Apple Pie and it's pretty obvious. She seemed more level headed. She went from being a pony that wanted to make people laugh and was silly enough, to weird and annoying. She was one of my favorites. But she's actually starting to get on my nerves. There were some gems in Pinkie Apple Pie for sure, but I feel like she's gotten so stupid that it's painful. Her voice sounds higher this season too.
  7. I thought it was cute But I just kind of smiled. Her presence is nice and all, but I get baffled by the amount of fan service. There were so many cool things in the episode I thought, that the reaction to her was completely over blown
  8. Maybe the writers didn't want to make it too obvious or add changes that would be too drastic. I mean, you guys saw how the fandom reacted to her becoming an alicorn. They did say that she would still be the same Twilight. It seems to be a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.
  9. The spool and the medal are both the keys, IMO (as many seem to have deducted already) They get their "realization" from one object that shines the colors of the Mane 6 (Rarity realized when she saw the empty seats behind the rope, and Rainbow with the flag) The "keys" themselves have the same shine and are all rainbow. I believe they are all connected through the rainbow because they all got their cutie marks when they saw the sonic rainboom in the sky during CMC - thus, every key is going to have rainbow on it as well as shine. My theory.
  10. The season I cherish most is probably season 2, because I started watching when the premier aired. I watched season 1 along side of season 2 and while the episodes seem more..genuine? Innocent? They were kind of bland to me. Although there were gems from both seasons. Season 3 really fell for me. I just like MMC and maybe Keep Calm and Flutter on. But the season was so..short. I really like this season so far. There are a couple "meh" episodes for me but even those are pretty enjoyable. I've Loved all the songs so far (although "Hearts Strong as Horses" is my least favorite this season) and I developed more of an appreciation for Rarity and the Apple Family. Oh, and I love the story arc and the cliffhangers too.
  11. I kind of liked the ambiguity and the overall message the episode left, I think I'm okay with whatever the outcome is By the way, at the last shot of Goldin hanging up the picture on the wall, did you guys catch the blue pony? He had Applebloom's hair color and AB and Granny Smith's eye color. Perhaps it's Granny Smith's son / AJ, AB and BM's dad?
  12. Mane-iac? :D

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      I just love how crazy her character is, it's pretty awesome

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      Yeah. Dat laugh.

      I think how she can use her mane to walk is pretty neat, too.

    4. Razzmataz


      True but I imagine it's pretty raunchy after awhile.

  13. I tend to believe these rainbow powers will enter the show. First of all, they are pumping out a lot of RP stuff. Why make a commercial for all of it when they can put it all in the show? But, the way I look at it is like this - The box in Princess Twilight Sparkle contains something that will, even if for a bit, change the show's dynamic. The Mane 6 must find keys. These keys are distinguished with a flash of color (composed of the man 6's colors) The first one we see outside of the first two episodes is Rarity's thread. What color is the thread? It's rainbow, of course And what significance does rainbow hold (aside form being part of RD's name and mane color)? The sonic rainboom was how they all got their cutie marks, and is how they are connected So in a round-about way, I think this Rainbow theme has some weight to it and all fits together in that way. Of course, it's all speculation but considering how they are making everything (toy sets, blindbags, EqG dolls) rainbow power themed, I doubt they'd pass on making it canon.
  14. I believe the old Nick Studios building was converted to a Blue Man Group building back in '06 I'm not sure if it still houses them today, but I do like the idea of a pony themed place.
  15. (\ Pegahoof back at ya I am excited to see what will happen with the other 3. I don't feel like Flim and Flam/Gilda represent the same roles that Suri/LD/Trixie do. As someone else stated, Weird Al pony might be Pinkie's negative and I can easily see it - someone who makes people laugh to gain popularity rather than the idea of making others happy (and in the process, possibly making others feel bad by making them the butt of jokes perhaps) For Fluttershy, I could see someone who is kind possibly in a passive-aggressive way (I scratched your back now you scratch mine) And for Applejack, someone who is brutally honest in hurtful ways I don't know that they will actually get foils, but it would be neat if they do.It seems the purpose of the foils is to have the main character see her element in a new way. What better way to do this than with those who challenge them and their elements/talents