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    Well, i have a great variety...but let's say my interest are videogames. Man! Do i love videogames! I cherish them! I love the retro ones (PSX and below...maybe some PS2), online one (League of Legends being my favourite right now) or just board games! Apart from that, i love watching TV sitcoms (The Big Bang Theory,) and i'm forced to watch MLP on youtube, due to the Hub Channel not being available here. Oh, and let's not forget. I love, absolutely love Roleplaying.

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  1. @@Midnight Starfall, Yeah yeah, I am certainly okay with that.
  2. @@eps-3-freak, Err...It would be kinda nice if you edited the post you did in the IC thread. It's kinda rude to just jump in like that before even asking in the OOC thread. You should ask the RP manager.
  3. Veigar the Dark Lord

    Open A Hoof in Two Worlds

    @@Midnight Starfall, @, Veigar heard how different this horrendous world was. He didn't care much to be honest, the only bad thing that he had noticed so far was that his magic nullified. His staff was of no use in this realm. "Alright..." Veigar said lowly. He listened to the other pair of humans talk and he just thought about what he could do. Then, he closed his eyes and started to think about how to start a new leaf in this new world. His ears went from listening to them to his thoughts, which were much more important than a weird boy with Pinkie Pie on his lap. After a few moments of

  5. Veigar the Dark Lord

    Open A Hoof in Two Worlds

    @@Midnight Starfall, "Is that so!?" Veigar exclaimed angrily. He couldn't believe his only way of self-defense was being hindered by this new dimension. "And yes...Or...so I believe. The last thing I remember was that I was walking through the Everfree forest, I bumped into a tree accidentally and the moment I winked, I was here! That sounds like warping to me, if you ask me." Veigar sighed and looked at Skyla again. "I guess you are enjoying your time here...aren't you? I can't say the same, to be honest. I lost my magic...but if this is what you want to do, I guess I'll join your little par
  6. Ah. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this place's RPs.
  7. Veigar the Dark Lord

    Open A Hoof in Two Worlds

    @@Midnight Starfall, @, Veigar turned around with a frown. He examined the group of individuals who stormed the-now-useless magician. First he saw the girl with the face full of freckles and with a gleaming beauty around her, one he couldn't deny. Then there was this blonde guy who was next to a girl with pink hair who seemed to have had too much coffee. He rejected both of the hands that had been offered for him to shake, having always hated physical contact. He grunted, and spoke. "Nobody has seen me around as it is usual in Equestria...nevermind that, I am Veigar, 'renowned' magician. I
  8. Hmmm, sorry to be disturbing your peace in the classroom, I couldn't find any other way to slip into the RP. :/
  9. Veigar the Dark Lord

    Open A Hoof in Two Worlds

    (Hmm, I don't know how many of you are in the class, so I this message goes to all of you.) Still looking at himself utterly disgusted by his human appearance, Veigar walked through the halls of a school. "I can' believe this! For the sake of Celestia I can't believe that I am this ugly, bipedal monster! What did I do to deserve this?" He kept asking himself as he walked further and further down the hall. He had some minor problems getting adapted to just walking on two legs, but he quickly overcame that issue. The first thing he tried after he entered the world was to use his magic staff
  10. @@Midnight Starfall, Amazing then! Thank you so much. Based off a real character from League of Legends (as you may have noticed). How and when shall I start? Has an important event happened? Or shall I just 'spawn' there?
  11. Greetings there! Interested in your RP. Shall I join? My character is in my signature. As for the second part: Human Description: Veigar becomes significantly taller once he adquires a human form. His skin is rather pale, and the only one showing is his face one since all his body is still covered by the wizard clothes he is wearing. Even his face is shadowed by his tall, magician hat. His hair is raven black, but it is rarely revealed and his eyes are that of a yellow, almost golden color.

  13. Bored as ffffffffffffff................

    1. Crystal Edge

      Crystal Edge

      Why you bored champ?

  14. Then I guess the tittle of the OOC, marked as 'searching' makes no sense.
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