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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Well here is my story of my username I have this name for a while now and the reason i got this, I used to sit in discord chat rooms in till someone joined. Someone would always say you seem very lonely here. It stuck with me for a while so, thats how I got my name Lonely
  4. Heres a few http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Casshern-Sins http://kissanime.ru/Anime/K http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Ao-no-Exorcist http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Darker-than-Black-Kuro-no-Keiyakusha http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Darker-than-Black-Kuro-no-Keiyakusha-Gaiden http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Darker-than-Black-Ryuusei-no-Gemini http://kissanime.ru/Anime/One-Punch-Man http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Black-Blood-Brothers http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Kekkai-Sensen http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Kekkai-Sensen-Soresaemo-Saitei-de-Saikou-na-Hibi http://kissanime.ru/Anime/hack-Roots http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Absolute-Duo http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Accel-World If you need more pm me cause i got alot of them
  5. Its very neat i like it Cant wait to see more
  6. My god. Just Wow. These are really good i'm just blown away by these. Soon maybe i'll get to the level your at.
  7. here you go my friend i hope you enjoy it
  8. Workouts are painful

  9. Why must finding music for arting must be hard?

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    2. Etched Daydream

      Etched Daydream

      Nu Metal there is: Superheist, Ra, Adema, NIN, Rob/White Zombie, Powerman 5000

      Folk/Melodic Metal there is: Orden Ogan, Glory Hammer, Sonata Arctica, Delain, Powerwolf

      Metal there is: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, 5FDP

      Prog Rock there is: Altaria, Queensryche, Blue Oyster Cult, Marillion, Rush


      Just to name a few

    3. Lonely


      Alright thank you


    4. Etched Daydream

      Etched Daydream

      Steampunk there is: Clockwork Dolls, Clockwork Quartet, The Cog is Dead, Steam Powered Giraffe, Abney Park, Vernian Process

      Vaudeville/Horror there is: Rufus Rex/Creature Feature

      Horror/Goth-Punk there is: Murderdolls, Wednesday 1, Gunfire 76, Misfits

      Punk there is: the Clash, Sex Pistols, Offspring, Sum 41

      Ska there is: Area 7, Reel Big Fish

      Swing there is: Cheery Poppin Daddies


      And you're welcome

  10. Sure it might take me a day or 2 because of school
  11. Love it, Good job on it keep it up
  12. Can I get a life?

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    2. Clod


      Or you could tell me how you got it and we can both have our own?

    3. Lonely


      I don't have I'm asking if i can get one

    4. Clod


      pssst... i can't see that reply until you approve the thing i said

  13. I hope everyone is having a Lovely evening or day