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  1. It took you just 4 hours? You have talent! Mind if i ask how long you've been doing this and what equipment you use(software, pads?, a.s.o. stuff like that)
  2. I like the stuff this fandom makes, so I'm staying. I hope you guys do, too :3 Oh, and I'd like to add that whoever makes decent fan-art of Pinkie Pie is awesome... i need to learn how to draw her!
  3. >I come home, and hear my brother crying. I open his door and he just lost a match in CoD. >Russian kid claims he can ban me from steam because im not folowing his personal rules in tf2 >Playing minecraft with some friends while skyping, and some kid joins, hell breaks loose
  4. I chose others since there are waay too many to chose from and i listen to various genres, so comparing them is impossible. It all depends on the mood i'm in.
  5. I dont think iv'e ever realy lost any friends because of me... girlfriends, yes, but friends? No. Ive lost alot of friends because of them though, since i noticed they weren't such great friends after all.
  6. Ant

    BronyCon Summer 2012


    Naww theese are always too far away from me...but then again you may need to be a bit more of a hardcore fan to enjoy it.
  7. OKay, the drawing was bad, but it was a job well done. Fun game, VERY simple.
  8. The exact same thing happened to me!
  9. As a matter of fact...i can read your mind. Sorry.
  10. Well, to a certain level. And if you are an adult, why not?
  11. I hope he adds some nice mlp themed hats to tf2!
  12. Its more like guidelines really...yarr
  13. I am practising flash, and animating, so i was wondering if you guys had some nice tips on how to get started? I attached my first try at animating a pony blinking, but it took way too Tips, suggestions, thoughts and such are very appreciated. Oh and you could tell me your opinion on the little loop i made...if you dont mind of course. Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong part of the forums.
  14. People used to talk about twilight a lot, and i often joined in just for fun and said things like "i think she has the strongest magic of them all, but i think RD is way cooler" and they would go all "WTF"