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  1. I wouldn't feel too bad about that. Nicole was having fun messing with people the entire convention. I watched her crash panels, randomly sit next to audience members and wait for a reaction, etc. My favourite was watching her go up to a kid, ask him about his cosplay, if he was enjoying the con and so on, and then just drop in "Oh, by the way, I'm Princess Celestia." The kid nearly exploded!
  2. I'm not 100% on the multiquoting thing here, so bear with me... Very glad to hear that people were getting along well and meeting new folks. That's more important than anything, especially at a con like ours, and it's one of the things that I personally aim for, because it makes me happy to see. You're absolutely right. We heard that from a number of people. The simple answer to that is: we didn't expect there to be so many of you! I opened the doors early because I couldn't believe how jammed the corridor was getting. I don't know whether it was the theme we had this y
  3. Glad you all had fun at the con this year! We really wanted to try and up the ante, and I think we mostly managed that. Great to hear we had first-timers and other MLPF folks. The staff are having some downtime while the board and I finish stuff off (and the treasurer and I move house), then contract-y things will happen, and then....
  4. Do it, filly. Seriously. The city is great, the people are great, the food is great. If you like the big outdoors then the size of this place will keep surprising you. If you like skiing, there's four ski locations within reach. Public transport is better and cheaper than back home (within the Metro area), and there's tons to do. Vancouver Island is a ferry ride away, there's seaplanes landing in the bay, an international airport a $4 Skytrain ride away, it's just great. Plus, if you want to visit the US, you're really close to the border. (Can you tell I like to travel?) The downside is t
  5. If I'm being honest, this show changed my life, twice. Incoming ramble! Firstly, when I lived back in the UK, I didn't have the greatest social life (though I do still have a few really close friends from there). Aside from being generally viewed as a bit weird, I'm quite susceptible to paranoia, and living on my own as I did amplified its effects. I ended up quite down and quite ill, not really going out, feeling generally uneasy pretty much all of the time.The insomnia from my childhood returned, and I would stay up late at night just trying to find things to occupy my brain - coding, ga
  6. If I don't go, I'll be in a lot of trouble, so you'll see me there.
  7. Silvershock

    BronyCAN in Toronto?

    CANterlot has unfortunately been cancelled for 2014, may return in 2015 depending on whether funding can be raised. There's TROTtawa that may be coming back for a second year, which is attached to G-Anime. Only other confirmed Canadian cons for 2014 I'm aware of are BronyExpo and - naturally - BronyCAN.
  8. I think season 3 is fine to be honest. The opener was great, and there were some really solid episodes in there. My problem with the finale was always down to it being rushed rather than the events that occur in it. I just wish they hadn't cut it short to spend time making that...other thing. I bloody hate that film. Best Pony just spent her time stealing everyone else's episodes, like teaching Applejack how to act hysterical.
  9. Apologies for the thread resurrection, but I like to keep my promises. So I'm at CANterlot. Not running any panels here, but we do have a booth... Wait, what's that in our "Highlights from 2013" slideshow... Oh no, did some of the gifs from this thread find their way in there? That's terrible! I did warn you, dude. Just be glad that there aren't any projection screens at this con.
  10. For me it's easily e-books. There's several reasons for that: 1) E-books don't tend to have the same draconian DRM as other forms of media, so I feel much happier buying them online. 2) E-books are now starting to actually be much cheaper than their paper counterparts on many storefronts. 3) I'm a programmer. Just one of my reference books might weigh several kilos. Having all of them available in the same place and being able to fast-search them is just the best thing ever. 4) E-book readers are inexpensive and have insane battery life, which makes them ludicrously handy. I bought a So
  11. Hola chums. Looks like I'll be over in Toronto in a few weeks. Anyone else attending CANterlot this November that fancies a beer/meetup? Been ten years since I was last in Toronto, so it would be fun to meet up with some new folk out east.
  12. You didn't hear any "fun" crowds? I couldn't get away from them!
  13. Silvershock

    Music Favourite Album Art

    How can this thread possibly be missing the cheesy, over-the-top sheer bloody awesomeness of Meat Loaf? Please, allow me to illustrate:
  14. And this! I think we have a booth this year at V-con. It's also highly likely that I'm manning it. Trollface?
  15. This is the greatest thing! Next event Feld0 and I are both at, I'm getting that on a screen somewhere.
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