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  1. Some of my stuff from toywiz came yesterday! I finally got my Vinyl Funko Pinkie figure as well as the POP one too. Last Sunday before the MLP CCG premiere event, my friend and I stopped by Build a Bear and got out ponies. Naturally, I got my darling Fluttershy. It was a super cute experience. I have never been to Build a Bear before and watching the kids all excited made me excited. I dunno if you have been told to do it---but right before you're going to put the little heart into your plush, they make you do this silly dance. Like, rub your hands together to warm the heart and what
  2. Another Flutterdash fan? Yay~♪ I couldn't help but squee in delight in the beginning of the episode as well. Also, Rainbow's face was certainly going to get everyone's attention. That face was epic. I guess, maybe I'm just easy to please, but I really enjoyed the episode as well. I was a little disappointed at first at how Daring Do was real---but it played out rather nicely. At least, I enjoyed it! It's also always nice to see more of Rainbow Dash's personality, not just one facet of it. I like seeing more to the ponies than their designated character traits. So again, I really liked
  3. Last Sunday I went to the MLP CCG premiere event in Miami and was super lucky to have scored myself the Nightmare Moon Troublemaker promo card. *SOBS* GUYS I NEVER WIN ANYTHING im so happy :3

    1. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      I'm going around to all those who share the same date of birth as me.... happy birthday flutterinmyheart

  4. Happy Nightmare Night to all! I just got back from work, but I had wanted to stop by to check up on everyone. I dressed up for work today as Pinkie Pie. Needless to say, the kids loved it! *bounces* I came to share some images. I was originally going to be Fluttershy but I used my light pink wig last year. Either way, here are a couple of pictures. I hope everyone had a wonderful day full of fun and tricks, harhar! For more pictures please check out this post http://flutterinmyheart.tumblr.com/post/65623172113 /headstrongpredator-happy-halloween-everyone And of
  5. Pinkies RSVP Lucy Style.mp3 So, it's my friends birthday and I made her a little something. The audio can also be found at my MLP blog on tumblr HERE. I record audio with my phone so it's not perfect. (working to get a decent mic) And lemme just say, omigosh to get my voice that high when it normally isn't was a pain. But it was for someone very special to me! This not much of an update but I felt like sharing with my MLP friends. Please be gentle, it was my first time doing Pinkie's voice. *hides* I hope everyone is well! Take care friends.
  6. Thanks! And you can totally get it via toywiz.com. I swear it has become my go-to Pony merch place. :3 And yes I absolutely agree, the pony figures are really nice. I was rather surprised myself! I don't have a picture of the game board currently but I will definitely takes pictures when I can. *currently at work XD* I will definitely post more soon, including the cards and the play money. I love how the dice are pink! *girlie girlness*
  7. Thank you so much! And yes, I really loved the card set the binder came with. If the older binders weren't going for such a steep price, I would get them as well. But regardless, I was actually planning to do a live play with friends, as we play MLP monopoly. Sadly, they all live outside the country but with technology we'll make it work. <3 Gosh, you're awesome, thank you! I will most definitely be posting more MLP goodies in the future.
  8. It has been awhile hasn't it? Well, to keep this post on a light note... Guess what I got in the mail last week? I had been anticipating its arrival for quite some time! My MLP Monopoly game arrived! These are a couple of pictures I took of the day I received it. I will post more goodies at another time. My collection of pony merch is growing at amazing speeds. I also purchased a drawing tablet for my digital pony art. Woot! I might make another post later of some crossovers I did with the anime Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club and MLP. ANYWAYS, here are the pictures. I also
  9. Sorry I haven't been around guys... It has been pretty hectic on my end. I've missed everyone!

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    2. flutterinmyheart


      Thank you! *throws confetti everywhere* It's great to be back! I really missed the forums. :3

    3. fimdash


      we missed you too :) i'm also glad to hear that your mom is still keeping strong. i hope for the best for her

    4. flutterinmyheart


      Gosh, thank you so much. ;-; Yes, she definitely is. Honestly, she keeps me strong from how strong /she/ is. Once again, thanks friend, it is very much appreciated! <3

  10. Gosh thank you so much Wingnut! I really do love sharing my love of ponies with the kids. It is an awesome feeling and something I look forward to at work every day. I have plenty more goodies too! The kids theese last couple of weeks have had me diligently making them stuff. So hopefully I can make another post soon with new sketches! And oh I know~! I thought Pinkie Pie was looking so cute in that one too. But there is always next time!
  11. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I just wanted to let my MLP friends know of my whereabouts. I'm sorry I haven't been around on the forums. I've had a lot to deal with from work to going back and forth with mom's doctor's appointments. Tomorrow she has another Rheumatologist apointment, the next day she has anappointment with her Cardiologist. It has been a big headache for me because my mother's Potassium levels were dangerously low, so the Rheumatologist told her to stop drinking her diuretic. The problem with that is she is also drinking Prednisone, which makes her swell up like a b
  12. I'm currently at the rheumatologist with my mother... She hasn't been doing well from her illness. It's been a long journey but I'm going to stay positive.

    1. NothingIsEverything


      I'm sorry to hear that. I pray that your mother gets better soon. Btw what is a rheumatologist?

    2. flutterinmyheart


      Thank you so much! I just sent you a message in return.<3 As for Rheumatologists, they're specialists that treat rheumatic diseases. In my mom's case she has an autoimmune disease called Polymyositis, which is a chronic inflammation of the muscles. It gets more complicated but that's the gist of it. ;-;

  13. flutterinmyheart

    Hello I'm Cupid

    Oh my, welcome Cupid—Christelle, both are lovely names! The website is awesome and it is extra awesome you're making a game. *admires openly* I'm just fangirling everywhere—You make porcelain dolls as well? That is so amazing! I would like to wish you a happy early birthday as well! Please do enjoy your stay in the forums~ which I'm most certain you will. Everypony is very nice!
  14. flutterinmyheart

    Good morning.

    Indeed, I believe Auxiliary has said it best, WELCOME to the forums! I think it was a great idea to join the forums, no matter the hour of the day. So greetings Cosmic Unicorn! I adore Twilight, because she is a booknerd such as myself. Although my favorite pony is definitely Fluttershy, because I can relate to her in ridiculous amounts. Either way, please do enjoy your stay~! Now, go, go off and make lots of wonderful pony friends~!
  15. I have these kids at worked trained. I get to work, everyone insists on watching MLP: FiM, even if they weren't fans before. This makes me immensely happy because it gives me an excuse to watch ponies while I work. Yay~ Two things I love most, kids and ponies.

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    2. NothingIsEverything


      That's really sweet of you. You sound like you would make a great teacher. ;)

      Btw can I PM you about something?

    3. Darkness Thunderbolt

      Darkness Thunderbolt

      Oh wow that's the awesomest thing I've ever heard

    4. flutterinmyheart


      @The Philosopher; Thank you so much! *blush* I really do love kids and making them happy. If they love MLP: FiM I don't mind sharing the love. :3 And sure, you can send me a PM. I don't mind one bit. :)


      @ Darkness Thunderbolt; Gosh, thanks so much! *is shy all of a sudden* I definitely have to share the pony love!~♪

  16. Yay!~ Welcome to the forums, CamsterPony! Everypony is really nice here! I hope you have a wonderful time perusing around and making friends.
  17. Let's see, I've had/have a NES, SNES, Gameboy color, N64, Playstation 2, Nintendo Ds Lite, PSP, Wii, Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS XL, and last but not least PS Vita (only reason I even got the Vita was for Persona 4 Golden... because I'm a big fan of the SMT franchise.)
  18. I just got into the game recently~ But I would love more friends on my Gameloft account. I'm empressarcana for those inclined! Hope to make some more pony friends! P.S. I gift daily.
  19. I really do love cooking, especially for my friends and loved ones. I've been told I'm really good at making Italian dishes. My best is probably my homemade beef lasagna. I'm a baker as well, so I make a lot of goods for the kids I take care of as well. I made Pokeball cookies once which were a huge hit! I'll probably post pictures sometime on my blog.
  20. flutterinmyheart

    hi am a muffin

    Hiya! I'm a fellow muffin as well! I love classical music too I also enjoy classical music with a modern twist, such as Emilie Autumn or Vanessa Mae. Those were the two first artists that popped into my head. XD But either way, I hope you're having a wonderful time here on the forums.
  21. flutterinmyheart

    Hi i'm new!

    Welcome to the forums!~♪ *showers you in pretty colorful confetti* I adore Princess Cadence, she is just precious. I really do hope you enjoy your stay. There's no doubt about it you'll be making tons of friends. Everyone really is absolutely awesome here.
  22. I just recently got into purchasing MLP: FiM merch. I first started out with the cards and progressed from there. It was actually on my birthday back in June that I made the first glorious purchase. It was quite memorable. I recently purchased a bunch of fanmade goods from etsy.com. I love browsing through the shops there. There are some really nice things. Here is the last order I made through Amazon.com~♪ A bunch of coloring books so I can make copies and take to work for the kids. Excuse all the pink Annnnnd I bought a couple of buttons as well from an etsy seller~ This set of
  23. Yay!~♪ Welcome to the forums! I recently got into the current generation of ponies. I've always been a fan but I just never understood the hype of Friendship is Magic, until I looked more into it. The kids I tutor and look after officially got me hooked again. It was the best thing ever because these ponies are like my antidepressant. Again, welcome and hope you enjoy your stay!~
  24. flutterinmyheart

    ollo everypony

    Welcome to the forums! I do hope you enjoy your stay and make a lot of wonderful pony friends.
  25. Welcome Chivalry Knight! I'm glad you have found sweet refuge in Ponyville. I do hope you can take it easy and have fun looking around. Everyone is really nice here, so I believe you won't have any problems. Please do take care and if anything don't hesitate to ask your fellow ponies for anything.
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