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  1. PonyBoy15

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I guess ill post on here again
  2. PonyBoy15

    What kind of pizza would ponies eat?

    Cheese pizza for the most part since they are vegetarians but topping may vary like: Rarity: Diamonds Applejack: Apple Slices Pinkie: Chocolate Chips Rainbowdash: Oh idk, clouds?
  3. PonyBoy15

    H~Hey everypony, who wants a muffin :)

    Welcome to the boards! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  4. PonyBoy15

    Hey! New Artist Brony

    Hey there and welcome! Just in time for season 4 too. Post up some of your artwork, we'd all like to see.
  5. PonyBoy15

    Horrible teachers?

    Back in college, My AutoCad teacher was a very strange man. Came into work in a hawaiian shirt, jeans, and work boots. he would teach the class for like 5 minutes, the walk out of the CAD room. You would end up finding him in the cafeteria stuffing his face. When teaching, he would vaguely explain how to do things and using the program became a challenge. He always passed us though, even though I barely did any of the assignments and walked out of class for the most part.
  6. PonyBoy15

    Planning Equestria Dudes

    Life happens, even at age 15
  7. PonyBoy15

    Planning Equestria Dudes

    Can anyone let me know when the official RP thread is up, I don't want to miss out on it
  8. PonyBoy15

    Rarity & Sweetie Belle

    yeah now that I look at it, it does lol shes has a happy expression on like this ^^ so her eyes are closed. I dont think i added a mouth yet haha thanks for reminding me
  9. PonyBoy15

    Rarity & Sweetie Belle

    Here's a drawing that I did about 2 months back. I was intending to scan it on the computer and digitize it with colors and stuff but due to life, I don't have the time anymore so this is how it stands. Sweetie Belle: Rarity! Wake up! I'm going to be late for school. Rarity: Sweetie Belle, you were supposed to set the alarm last night! Sweetie Belle: Whoops, guess I kinda forgot *squee* Rarity: Well, I can't just take you to school with such a messy mane darling! Sweetie Belle: But, there's no time for that, I'm going to be late! Rarity: Nonsense, there is always time for some fashion. Criticism welcomed.
  10. PonyBoy15

    You're doing it wrong Sweetie Belle!

    Holy crap that looks nice good job! I love the drawing style, almost like an anime. 9/10 add some more color and her horn o fcourse lol
  11. PonyBoy15

    Favorite Color?

    I like Red the most but also like black, grey, and white.
  12. PonyBoy15

    Hello everyone ♥♥♥

    Hey CreamPuff! And welcome Enjoy your stay!
  13. PonyBoy15

    Rarity Drawning

    Rarity's mane and tail isnt all that hardto draw. It's just knowing where to draw the curves. It's just that her mane and tail are more detailed. Nice drawing OP
  14. PonyBoy15

    General Why did you choose your username?

    Honestly it was something that i came up with real quick. Didn't put much thought into it.
  15. PonyBoy15

    What Is Your Opinion On Relationships?

    What is a good age to be in a relationship? It depends on the person's mentality. When you're in a relationship, your hormones will change. And if you both don't play it smart, you might end up with a child at a too early age (trust me, I know a lot of people in my life that this has happened to them.) If you both decide to remain abstinent, then there should't be a problem. Having that special person who cares about you at a deeper level is an awesome feeling. Are you in a Relationship? Yes, and it's getting better as each day passes by. What makes a good relationship? Tons of factors can go along with this. But the foundation is Communication, and Trust. IMO, cuddles are also important. It creates intimacy and allows you two to bond in a way.