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What up! And welcome to PonyBoy's Page. It's not as sophisticated as other people's but thanks for dropping by!


A little about me: Well, I'm a pretty friendly person and easy to talk to. I'm shy at first but after I get use to you, i'm more talkative. I have a tendency of being patient with people, and it takes quite a bit to piss me off. I like making new friends, so message me if you want to chat smile.png !


How I Became a Brony:


I became a brony on June 2013. It all started while I was at work. Work was slow so I went on my laptop and began to watch some of Screwattack's Death Battle episodes out of boredom. I came across the Starscream vs Rainbowdash episode. At first I was like.....really? I ignored it for a while. I watched the episode again and wanted to know what all the "awesomeness" was about. I typed in Rainbowdash on YouTube and ended up watching Episode 16 of Season 1. I ended up liking it, couldn't believe it. So I began to watch more episodes until I decided I wanted to watch them chronological. I couldn't believe that I got hooked on this show. I guess what made me go back to the show was the animation style, themes, and voice acting. I personally think the voice actresses did a good job bringing out the character of each pony. Plus they're all so frickin adorable........ especially Sweetie Belle.



Before you continue, let me first remind you:





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Kaza (Former Member)


^These members are on my list either because, they comment on

my statuses, talk to me on skype, give me feedback on my

artwork, chat through PMs, and are just good people to me.


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^She's super adorable









HVAC Plan Engineer


What I Do:


My job is to make sure your (the customer's) home's HVAC system is properly sized and that you remain comfortable in your home during the summer and/or winter. I usually get a big set of plans for a house (either new or existing) from a contractor or architect. I have to look over than plans and pay close attention to detail. Depending on the customer's demands, I usually do a load calculation of the house and size up hvac equipment for it. In some cases, i'll have to do a ductwork design/layout/sizing for that house. I also do Radiant heat layouts, along with Boiler piping layouts. It is a long and tedious process, and there is very little room for error. I do have some field experience, so it makes designing the systems and laying things out a lot easier. It's so time consuming, that I look at the clock sometimes and it's already time for lunch or to go home.





Cars- I am a gear head. I love cars! Especially Toyotas (Scion and Lexus included). I am a big fan of the Celica, MR2, and the iconic Mark IV Supra. I own 3 Celicas. One 4th generation and two 7th generation. I usually work on them on the weekends. Either routine maintenance, or do what I enjoy, adding aftermarket goodies. I have done engine jobs along with clutch jobs. I'm not a professional mechanic, but I am mechanically inclined. Give me time, the tools, and a manual and i'll get it done right.


Drawing- I have just recently got back into drawing. Before high school, I was a doodle bug. I was always drawing, but when I got into high school, I kind of abandoned it. When I saw and became part of this fandom, it's like that part of me that was asleep for 6 years woke up after a long slumber. I decided to pick up the pencils, toss on my headphones, and start over again. I practice daily and am getting into digital art, in hopes of creating some nice artwork that people will admire. It's a skill that will take me time to master, but I wont give up on it. There are lots of artist on here that inspire me.


Photography- Not really a hobby at the moment, but it's something I will be getting into next year. Looking around for some good beginner DSLRs. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a message. Currently looking into the Nikkon D3100.


Fishing- I'm not a hardcore fisher or angler, but I enjoy a relaxing time on the pier or beach fishing for some striped bass here in the Atlantic waters. I have a pretty decent collection of lures, spoons, jigs, and hooks in my tackle box.


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