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  1. It is when it's disgusting to the core. "You either believe and follow him, or you get torture!" - This is not a god. This is a child on a tantrum. And to try to defend or justify such a tyrannical methodology is (to invoke Godwin's Law) akin to supporting Hitler. If you're asking me to tolerate others' beliefs, I can do that. If you're asking me to tolerate vile filth that makes a sick mockery of the very idea of either love or tolerance, I cannot. But that's the last word I'll have on it. And when you say "They raised me to believe so-and-so.", the implication isn't usually one of "You can walk out any time." Good to see they were progressive with it. And the church gives out cookies on holidays here. I love the church.
  2. Okay, Dara is hilarious...But still, Morgan Freeman. Or maybe the guy who narrated the Hitchhiker's Guide movie. Or GLaDOS. Tim Curry!
  3. The correct answer is Morgan Freeman. Every post saying anything otherwise is wrong, incorrect, a lie, and a product of the Nazis.
  4. Eh, the other options are fine. I hold beliefs in gods myself, not a problem. Just "My parents believed it and told me to." is a really flimsy backbone for any belief. Most just leave it at that and never properly examine anything. Now, see, I've never driven so I have no personal concept of the DMV to be tortured with. Sucks to be you all, eh?
  5. Huh. I never picture purgatory as a floaty kinda place...More like a carwash. A carwash for dead people. Idea for a film: CARWASH OF LOST SOULS.
  6. No. No. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong and stupid. But this isn't a Biblical debate so whatever. Just feel like you should know that is wrong and stupid. He regularly kills or curses entire generations (hell, the entire human race even) for petty bullshit.
  7. ...Float? Who mentioned floating? You mean the whole "nothing after death" thing? It's like being asleep. Just...You know, minus the waking up.
  8. No. Wrong. Stop. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. "I was raised that way" is not believing something. It's buying into indoctrination.
  9. The people in charge will say you're a necessary sacrifice to save humanity. I say fuck 'em, have a smoke. (Pointless movie references! ...Pretty great movie though.)
  10. "Alive Being"...Huh. Why the specification? Are you not afraid of being somehow eaten by a dead being? Zombies, man...Fuckin' zombies.
  11. Any "worst way" you think of can be topped with enough creativity and sadism. I have vast amounts of both. I would prefer to bleed to death. I've often had a sleeping appendage with the feeling slowly creeping back in...Like a liquid cold beneath the skin. Strangely pleasant. I imagine bleeding out is a similar sensation, plus the pain of the wound.
  12. Give it a few decades and you will be. And I don't know about any of you but when I die, IF I die, I'm gonna haunt Bill Cosby's toaster.
  13. Some years ago, staying at my mom's house (parents are divorced), I was lying in my little half-brother's (the one she kept) bed since he was at a friend's, trying to sleep. After a while of lying awake to my irritation, I start shivering...Then trembling...Next thing I know, it's like there's a damn earthquake inside me. Then I start seeing things, images...Weird reptilian creatures...Then the voices, the whispers...I don't recall the exact words but there was mention of "the devil". I tried to move, to get out...But I was completely immobilized. Prior to lying down to bed, I'd watched some kid's show or another. As I was lying there, my thoughts had naturally drifted back to the episode I'd seen...But when I stopped thinking about it, the trembling died...Then when I started again, it came back. Tested this a few times...Eventually it all stopped and I ran into the living room, trying to wake somebody up. No luck so I curled up in a chair and spent the night awake (watching the then-new 3rd Pokemon movie - this was a long while back XD) in a cold sweat. In more recent years, I've been prone to the occasional sleep paralysis with accompanying hallucinations of a suffocating pressure but no images or voices or trembling...I'm still not convinced the first incident wasn't something much stranger. ...You knew somebody would have to do this.
  14. Favorite author is Stephen King so...Horror-suspense, maybe. Big fantasy fan too. Also porn. That's a genre, right? As for fanfics, I don't read much but pretty much anything good...I mostly read my own. XD
  15. The Scootaloo episode sets up a possibility for more between the two. It'd be more a sensible progression than a fan thing, I think. They pointed the eye color out enough when people first saw her eyes. Endless hordes of idiots cried that it was red so as to validate their pitiful fanworks so the MLP crew had to take to the internets correcting them.