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Everything posted by ricardofr-200

  1. Hello again people over the forum, been a while againm happy new year :)

  2. It's been a while since I didn't logged in...

  3. Hello. So I'll try to be brief since there's December 24th and I do not want to bother the pony.fm staff. First, I'm FINALLY able to upload music thumbnails (after 6months+ waining for this fix, and truth to be told, I kinda gave up about uploading music to pony.fm because of glitch). But now, there's another problem... :okiedokielokie: And the problem is actually this topic's tittle. I'll try to explain what happened: So, to be able to upload a different picture, other than my default picture (my lovebird parrot flying), I had to go to the setting of the music to change the cover art (because I had that freaking "The show song ids field is required" error message) because It wont change to "remix of official song" Now I've upload the picture with the song as "original song", I'm trying to save the settings again as "remix of official song", but still, It's showing that "The show song ids field is required". I have hopes to re-use pony.fm as a song cloud on the Internet for pony music stuff... But seriously, it's starting to be frustrating that kind of errors... I'm going try other ways without deleting the song (HELL NO), but yet, hope you guys can help me. My desktop: Windows 7 Ultimate Mozilla Firefox 35
  4. Thank you very much for your comment That's been... I think almost an year since my very first pony music, and yeah, and improved a bit xD It's sad I don't have much time for musics beause of my job, but when I do, I try to do my best! Again thank you!
  5. Hello everypony! So, some ponies were complaining about me uploading my songs to dailymotion... I have good news for these ponies! I'm back to YouTube. I didn't delete my dailymotion channel, I will keep it just If I have problems due to copyrights... Well, I never had problems with that before... but one never knows So yeah, here's my last original song, inspired on the last episode of season 4 (I know I have the wrong art, but I think that one fits the music pretty well, and I didn't found anything related to the new castle... oh btw, RIP Golden Oaks Library).
  6. I'm back to youtube :) same username as mlp forums

  7. I'm back to youtube :)

  8. I have to make little video to show that song playing on my car's subwoofer (that first box in my signature with the alloy look subwoofer) I Know but I f you want to download, there are 2 links on the video description (wav and mp3)
  9. Hello everypony! Heres my Bass R'n'B remix of the song "You'll play your part" from the season finale. Hope you guys enjoy! https://pony.fm/tracks/2210-youll-play-your-part-bass-rnbhiphop-remix-by-ricardo-f Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1vhe9l_my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-you-ll-play-your-part-bass-r-n-b-remix-by-ricardo-f_music
  10. Wow, another great song, I really like it! Very good job! PS: That "uplifter" effect at the start is kinda creppy...
  11. Yes it is, actually, there are 3 reasons. So1 first reason, I don't want to run out of time on soundcloud too fast... well, okay I still have a little bit more than 1 hour left, but, I'm still have a free account and I don't want to pay for a pro account. The second reason is my youtube acount was hacked twice, so, I kinda give up of making a new youtube account. The last is reflected in two words: Google Plus. That's pretty much it xD BTW, Thank you, glad you liked it Thank you for your comment Thunder-Dash. This one I make it in a "jiffy" (well, at least pretty fast compared to the others), so I understand what you mean... But still, I think I need to train more the variance on my songs, that's my only problem so far. Again thank you
  12. Hello everypony! So, there I am with another song, this time, a remix from the amazing song Generosity http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1s2hae_my-little-pony-generosity-remix-by-ricardo-f_music. Hope you all enjoy!
  13. Thanks for the comment. I'll see what I can do. Oh, sorry, didn't get it the 1st time. Ok, will check that out as soon as possible. Thank you
  14. Thank you very much! Yeah, my youtube account was hacked twice so... I gave up. Distortion? The first time I finished it there was a lot indeed, and yes, you're right, I have to correct that kick with reverb where the voices starts, I think it comes from there I added a "declipper" and put the master vol at 80%, but before I upload the song to soundcloud I'll make corrections. Well, I think it's trance just because of the part after the intro . Again, thank you!
  15. Hello everypony! Finally, there's my very first season 4 remix! Make a wish, one of my favorites songs of the season so far! Well, let's see if I can put a dailymotion video here... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1mmwht_my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-make-a-wish-ricardo-f-psytrance-remix_music Just click on the link if there's not player (I think DM doesn't work for forums...) So yeah, hope you all enjoy, feel free to comment!
  16. OH YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO MAKES PSYTRANCE TOO! THE FUN HAS BEEN DOUBLED ...Oh... I mean, yeah, I also like to make psytrance, but your song is definitely better than my songs The effects, the "warped" voices and the custom electric guitars sounds! PERFECT! Well, my songs are more like... just trance, I mean, they are more simple, and I usually use high chords, If you know what I'm saying. 11/10! Check my "Childrens of the night" remix. PS:Oh yeah, and I make also dream dance
  17. Thank you so much! Glad you like it! Feel free to dance!!
  18. I'm finally back. That was been a while since I didn't make a new music topic. I want to do a little update: I deleted my Youtube account (thanks to google+), but I opened a new one on Dailymotion. I didn't upload music videos yet, but my new songs were uploaded on my soundcloud. SO, I made 2 remixes: Children of the night (Psytrance) https://soundcloud.com/ricardo-de-barros-fonseca/children-of-the-night PFUDOR: (Eurodance) https://soundcloud.com/ricardo-de-barros-fonseca/pfudor-by-ricardo-f-150bpm Hope you enjoy!
  19. Both tunes make me remember that final 90's trance songs Overall, I really enjoyed it, specially "I used to wonder". Happy holidays.
  20. I'm very surprised. I wasn't expecting to see to see Daring Doo interacting directly with the other characters. What a twist indeed
  21. Weird? Well, I'm not tottally agree with you. Yeah, we will see the first episode in english but, we can do a "react" in portuguese, right? PS:Sorry for my english xD
  22. As the tittle says, the portuguese comunity is working on a sort off bronies react. This video will be constitued by 2 themes, reaction and critique. You can follow us here: Deviantart: http://mlpforums.com/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=23