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  1. I almost always play on the hardest difficulty because beating something on a higher difficulty is always the most rewarding.
  2. I rent a dorm at my university... so if for whatever reason I no longer rented my dorm, I would rent another nearby. I've got a few grand saved up plus a job and my parents paying for my dorm so I wouldn't have a very hard time.
  3. Getting straight A's as a physics major (probably one of the hardest majors around) in the best physics school in the country is good enough for me. The countless hours I've spent studying probably helped. Really, if you aren't happy with your grades: study. There really aren't many good excuses for not getting good grades when you have time to study.
  4. I think I've already posted this twice on the forums in threads about pony heights, but whatever. So I guess there's your answer on pony height.
  5. I'm a sophomore in college... Mates me feel kinda like a pedophile talking with minors on the internet. Not really, but yeah, I'm old and useless now.
  6. For me it's smell. I generally know what kind of things to stay away from and smell isn't really as important besides supporting taste. Also, to anyone saying that they don't want the sense of touch: most people born with disorders eliminating touch rarely live beyond their teen years.
  7. I've seen corpses before when I volunteer at the hospital. None murdered, I believe, but still some gruesomeness. My first day there a saw them carting in someone (barely alive) with part of a windshield lodged in his face. It was easily the worst thing I've ever seen. All of the nurses and paramedics were very calm, so that helped me keep my composure. I still volunteer, but I haven't seen anything that bad since.
  8. I have an honest question... what does that have to do with capitalism being bad? The court system has absolutely nothing to do with the free market. The exact same thing could happen in a communist country.
  9. I'm a firm capitalist who believes that people who work hard should be rewarded. I'm all for universal healthcare, but social security and welfare should be privatized. Also, I think the government should work harder to ensure that corruption and insider trading are kept at a minimum to ensure the invisible hand works its magic. I'm going to go out and say that I find communism morally reprehensible as well as unfeasable.
  10. Foreigner And Lover

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I just saw Gravity yesterday, and it's easily the best film of 2013. The plot is pretty simple and minimalistic and that's just fine. The theme of never giving up is never outright stated but it's inspiring nonetheless. And that feeling of isolation is something I haven't felt in a while.
  11. A good character is defined by their actions and not by their backstory. If the fact that your character's parents died drives the character, that's fine. But if the scarring is used as an excuse to make the character act however, that's bad character design. Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan is an example handled well. His mom dies in the first episode and that drives him throughout the first season, but it's mentioned maybe three or four times.
  12. I was working at Subway when a moderately stoned woman came and asked me if we had a vegetarian menu. I facepalmed and I said. "You can choose what you want to put on your sandwich." And then she said "But I don't know if it's vegetarian." I told her she should try the meatball sub. She left after calling me an asshole. I'm lucky my manager wasn't there.
  13. Foreigner And Lover

    Movies/TV Your Top Ten Anime Characters

    1 Simon the Digger (TTGL) 2 The Mighty Kamina (TTGL) 3 Kenzo Tenma (Monster) 4 Eren Yeager (AoT) 5 Kyon (Haruhi Suzumiya) 6 Shinji Ikari (manga version, anime one sucks) (NGE) 7 Nia Teppelin (TTGL) 8 Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad) 9 Yuki Nagato (Haruhi Suzumiya) 10 Alphonse Elric (FMA) And don't forget Boku no Pico lolololo
  14. My 3 favorites are Hades, Hephaestus, and Hestia because they don't murder and/or ruin the lives of innocent people because of childish temper tantrums (and they don't cheat).
  15. I've spoken with Janet Nepalitano, before she was secretary of homeland security when she came to visit my high school. I also spoke with General Shinseki in DC.
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