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  1. TheInsaneShane

    Movies/TV Favorite Movie Scenes?

    There are SO many great movie scenes in all I have seen, but some of my all time favorites are probably these. This scene is the end to my favorite movie of all time...Jaws. This scene is also from Jaws. It is Quint telling the two of his crew about his WW2 experience when the S.S. Indianapolis sank and...well, watch this. Steven Spielberg is one of my favorite film directors, but Quentin Tarantino is right up there as well. This is probably my favorite ENDING of all time from Inglorious Basterds! This scene from Pulp Fiction is's...awesome. (sorry, it's in Spanish, there are other vids with the other half, but the first half has no dialogue and it's awesome!!!) Christopher Nolan is another mastermind of film. This scene is from another one of my favorite movies of all time. The Dark Knight. This is the scene where Batman interrogates the Joker and gets him to tell him the location of the missing two. I'm sure you've all seen it. Just in case though... This scene is from Inception. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio were the best in this film. Everyone else did an amazing job aswell. This scene is probably my favorite FIGHT scene of all time. It's just so creative and masterfully done. This is one of the many reasons this movie won four Oscars. Well...hehe...I guess I kinda overdid the whole thread reply, huh? Lol, well, I hope you all enjoy the scenes!
  2. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    #saturdayerrands#with my dad#hotasfug. ;3
  3. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Champion RD92's Rock Music Thread

    I'm not sure if Champion will be as into this as I am (seeing as how he's more into sick guitar solos, and fast paced vocals), but, do any of you like any type of psychedelic rock? I've heard people countless times say "psychedelic rock is all a rip off of The Beatles!!!" Well, I differ, and am actually pretty into a lot of those bands like Tame Impala and The Temples... Don't worry, I'm still a metal guy, but these bands are a great change of pace. Here are some of my favs. Those are just a couple of awesome songs!!!
  4. TheInsaneShane

    I'm leaving the fandom.

    Lol...duh. I laughed when I saw the status update...if you really left, I would've felt like a dick though lol.
  5. TheInsaneShane

    Mane 6 Elimination

    Rarity +1,000,000,000 AJ -200,000,000 ...what's tha-oh well you guise are no fun... K... Rarity +1 AJ -1 Rarity- 26 AJ- 33
  6. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Aight' niggas, this is my morning selfies. Ya'll may think I wake up like stick in the mud, all pissed of, and hungry... FUG DAT!!! I wake up American Dad style!!! (yes I even got them pink bunny slippers, shut up) Anyways, have a good day, guys!!!
  7. TheInsaneShane

    What do you like on your burger?

    EVERYTHING ...and more ...including... PICKLES!!!!! >:3
  8. TheInsaneShane

    Gaming Twitch followers thread

    Hey, guys. I was surprised to see there isn't a Twitch thread, so I took the liberty of making one! Twitch is a great way to share gameplay with people all over. Now, post and advertise your live stream accounts here!!! My Twitch is Headofwolfpack_ See!!! Derpy's already kicking major plot in Battlefield 4!!!
  9. TheInsaneShane

    Girls Only Thread

    Girls only, huh? ...I can be feminine if I waaauunt to. Hmmm...lets see. Anytth-AHHH I'm using a Niall Horan pencil to do my Algebra... Oh you think I'm kidding?! Check it. I WILL be accepted into this thread!!!! >:3
  10. TheInsaneShane

    The Birthday Scenario Game: Pony Style!

    I DESTROYED EQUESTRIA, with my partner in chaos...Derpy Hooves. First Equestria...then...THE WORLD!!!!! > ...lets go, Derpy... HER MAAAAFINS WILL BE THE END OF THIS WORLD!!!! >:3
  11. TheInsaneShane

    Favorite anime?

    I love anime and I have a couple favorites. I couldn't really choose between them because, they're all so different. I love Spice and Wolf. It is set in Medieval times.It's just such a simple, dialogue based anime, and it's SO interesting to hear Craft (the merchant) and Holo (the Wolf Goddess, which takes human form in the exception for her wolf ears and tail. :3 ) Basically this anime is the interaction between these two characters, and Craft's goal to travel with Holo to her unknown hometown, and it is so much fun to watch.I really love this anime!!!! Another favorite is Puella Magi Madoka Mgica. At first, this anime seems so damn upbeat and happy. Just your average Magical girls anime, right? ...holy shittybonkers, wrong!!!! This anime is one of the saddest, most depressing themed animes ever. I love the hell out of it though. The dialogue is immersive, the action is awesome, and badass!!!! And best magical girl, hands down, goes to Kyoko Sakura, she seems very different and cruel at first, I got to love her afterwards. Steins; Gate is simply amazing. It is a challenging anime to keep up with, and obviously layered, since it has to do with time travel. This anime is very dialogue based well, but at times is quite charming and funny, mainly from the interaction between Okabe (our main character) and Kurisu Makise. This anime is very intense, and definitely one of my top favorites. All of my favorites stand together, but the way I feel, my absolute favorite anime of all time is Fate/Zero. This anime is very complex. It is an amazing action/drama anime. Basically to dumb it down, it's about A number of Participants and Servants in the modern Holy Grail War. The participants summon important warrior figures from the past. And they, with their partner fight to find The Holy Grail. My favorite character in the show, and one of my favorite female roles in any anime. Her class is Sabre. Her name was King Arturia, yes, from the round table. She was secretly a woman, because none would allow a female to rule them in that time. She is bold and courageous, and one of my favorite characters ever!
  12. TheInsaneShane

    Rate the name of the user's pet above you!

    Not sure about cuteness. 7-10? ...Now, on the Badass-o-meter, it's a perfect 10/10!!!! K, I have a German Shepherd...his name is Snickers...Now that I think about it, that's fucking cruel. Naming my dog after a food he can't eat. :/ Also, we're planning on getting a cat. If we do, his name will be Kitty McFlannigans. Oh, crap. Sorry, I was talking about Sparky. <3 The others are 10/10 in the Kitteh Caked Cute-o-meter! :3
  13. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Okay, nothing silly this time. Just a plain selfie... can't tell how hard I'm struggling to keep cool, and not make a Scootaloo of myself... (I keed, I keed) xD
  14. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    K, I may not be as sexy, pretty, and/or fabulous as all these girls here...but, I bet I can still give you a run for your money... Btw, this is in a cheap-ass hotel, so DEAL WITH IT...if it's alright with you. :3
  15. TheInsaneShane

    Movies/TV Best Actor?

    There are so many great actors, it would be impossible to pick one. Harrison Ford is badass, I love Leonardo DiCaprio, that man COMMITS to a role!!! I just recently saw The Wolf of Wall Street, he was just perfect, great movie!!!! Then there is Christoph Waltz, amazing Austrian actor that was in Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained(he won an Oscar for that one) he is just so charismatic, and great with words and his great accent...amazing actor!!!! Now, there are so many great British actors! To name a few, there's Benedict Cumberbatch, menacing, and charming. Michael Cane, what an awesome voice and outstanding actor!!!! And now, Christian Bale...THIS GUY!!!! He FULLY COMMITS to a role!!!! This man does weight loss and weight gain, and muscle gain like no other! He was in a movie(I forget the name), he look bones, and barely any flesh! He did those with a diet of simply apples, and water. Not too long after...he's the fucking Dark Knight we know and love. Now, recently he played the role of a 70's con man in "American Hustle". He definitely fattened himself up for this role. Well, I have left out SO many great actors (I'm a big movie buff), but Christian Bale is probably my favorite actor. Just look at this badass...