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    Though I'm from Colombia, I live in Florida YEEEEEEEEAH!!!!
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    "Make it quick, I ain't got all day!"
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    Being with friends, movie buff, GAMING....oh gaming....bmx riding, Music; I like Rap and hip hop, also Rock and some Dubstep. I'm a huge EMIN3M fan and I love the Imagine Dragons!!!! Megadeth is awesome too!!!! (:-P ; Forced interests; School, Math, Reading etc..

    I think my biggest interest is obvious........
    /) YEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!

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  1. Hi

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    2. TheInsaneShane


      I haven't been on here in such a long time... Totally behind in mlp...I'm a rek. :/

    3. SkullcandyPegasus


      don't worry lol. i'm not even half way through season 4

    4. TheInsaneShane


      Lol. I know what I'm marrathoning tonight...

  2. I found out that Courtnee Draper (Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite) grew up in my town... *dies...happy* :')

    1. Megas


      That's pretty awesome

    2. TheInsaneShane


      Yeah, Orlando, Florida. Yesssss

  3. Hey, did you try out my custom race in GTA? :3

  4. Well, I just reached Champion karma level in InFAMOUS Second Son...WOOHOOO!!!! :P

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    2. FadedSkies


      The game costs freakin $69.99 i barely play BF4 anymore so i traded it in to get store credit. Games are getting expensive now a days

    3. TheInsaneShane


      Huh? Why? Cost me $59.99 as always. :/

    4. FadedSkies


      Well freakin Canada

  5. TheInsaneShane

    Movies/TV Favorite Movie Scenes?

    There are SO many great movie scenes in all I have seen, but some of my all time favorites are probably these. This scene is the end to my favorite movie of all time...Jaws. This scene is also from Jaws. It is Quint telling the two of his crew about his WW2 experience when the S.S. Indianapolis sank and...well, watch this. Steven Spielberg is one of my favorite film directors, but Quentin Tarantino is right up there as well. This is probably my favorite ENDING of all time from Inglorious Basterds! This scene from Pulp Fiction is just...it's...awesome. (sorry,
  6. Don't you love how people love saying "no offense" and then completely obliterating your self esteem? :/

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    2. TheInsaneShane


      You're a beaner...THAT'S WHAT WE DO!!!! >:P

    3. Spingle Bloob

      Spingle Bloob

      Stereotypical much?

    4. TheInsaneShane


      Stereo? Nah, I usually just use earphones to listen to music.

  7. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    #saturdayerrands#with my dad#hotasfug. ;3
  8. TheInsaneShane

    Mega Thread Champion RD92's Rock Music Thread

    I'm not sure if Champion will be as into this as I am (seeing as how he's more into sick guitar solos, and fast paced vocals), but, do any of you like any type of psychedelic rock? I've heard people countless times say "psychedelic rock is all a rip off of The Beatles!!!" Well, I differ, and am actually pretty into a lot of those bands like Tame Impala and The Temples... Don't worry, I'm still a metal guy, but these bands are a great change of pace. Here are some of my favs. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b0jqPvpn3sY# http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UOPB5dXgrPA# http://m.youtube.com/wat
  9. YES!!!!!

    1. Blue Moon

      Blue Moon

      Perfect. XD

    2. TheInsaneShane


      And on that day...humanity was given a grim reminder...

  10. Well, I just got Bioshock Infinite! I hope it really is all it's cracked up to be. :D

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    2. TheInsaneShane


      Hmmm...you said that like one would say...GODZIRRRRAAA!!!!

    3. Megas
    4. TheInsaneShane


      Wow, so far...it's amazing!!! :)

  11. Wow. I just finished Attack on Titan. ...I know, I know, I'm late as hell.

  12. I want to see this SO bad. :D

  13. Lol...duh. I laughed when I saw the status update...if you really left, I would've felt like a dick though lol.
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