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  1. xblackrosesx

    Hi I am freshjori

    You are from Germany? Awesome I'm from boring USA. Anyway, Welcome to the forums. I'm Brooke. If you need anything, my profile is always open.
  2. xblackrosesx

    Gaming Has anyone heard of Toontown?

    I used to be addicted to that game. My toon was named Wonderwoof and I was a creme colored dog. Anyway, I quit due to bullying and growing out of it and all that jazz.
  3. xblackrosesx

    If you were to be a tree, what type of tree would you be?

    I would be a plain fat ugly tree of some kind because it perfectly describes what I am. I'm a fucking genius, if I do say so myself. Lmao. .-.
  4. xblackrosesx

    Worst Villain: The Poll

    I love Sunset Shimmer and Nightmare Moon and Discord was fucking epic. So I have to say King Sombra, he's just.. boring.... Sorry fans of him or whatever.
  5. 1) Teleportation 2) Invisibility 3) Flying 4) Mind Control I would actually be more Villain than Hero, honestly. Not really made to be Hero.
  6. xblackrosesx

    Pinkie or Fluttershy? Who is cuter?

    As much as I love Pinkie, Fluttershy is the definiton of cuteness. I mean come on her voice and personality... it's just adorable. ^^
  7. xblackrosesx


    Hai there, fellow brony :3 I'm Brooke, a fellow pegasister. I hope you enjoy the forums. Remember, if you need anything, I'm pretty much always on.
  8. xblackrosesx


    Hello there. I'm Brooke, just another Rainbow Dash Lover. .-. Anyway, welcome to the forums. If you need anything (as I say to everyone) I'm pretty much always on here so message me.
  9. xblackrosesx

    Me, myself, and... Des, Roy, and Wakk?

    Hai to you and your.... friends? I'm Brooke, just another pony lover nothing special. Anyway, Have fun. If you need anything, just message me.
  10. xblackrosesx

    How many social network profiles do you own?

    Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, DeviantART, & MLP Forums. That's pretty much it. Unless you count Pottermore but that's just a Harry Potter online thingy...
  11. xblackrosesx

    Who should young girls look up to these days?

    Definitely not Miley Cyrus, that's all I can say about that. Maybe people like Debby Ryan.. you know people from those Disney Channel shows?
  12. xblackrosesx

    Hi everypony o-o

    Hai, Maria. I'm Brooke and I wanted to welcome you to the forums If you need anything, my profile is ALWAYS available.
  13. xblackrosesx

    Hey guys! Wassup?

    Well you seem like an awesome person. Anyway, I'm Brooke. I'm not that new either (I joined 3 weeks ago) but I just wanted to say hai. And as I tell every pony, If you need anything my profile is ALWAYS open.
  14. xblackrosesx

    Hello everypony

    Your from Germany? Awesome. Anyway, I is Brooke. Welcome to the forums and I hope you have an epic time here. x3 If you need anything, my profile is always open.
  15. xblackrosesx

    Howdie all!

    Doesn't sound boring. Hello h0neythief, I'm Brooke.. Nothing important just another MLP Fan. Anyway, Hope you have an awesome time on the forums. If you need anything, don't be scared to add me.