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  1. *OMGitsfirefoxx explaining voice* Do you like my new dentures?
  2. Banned because I don't play post-apocalyptic RPGs.
  3. Leave me to rest, and no don't move the umbrella.
  4. Banned because I don't know what Rad-X is or does.
  5. Come, and listen to the best music ever.
  6. Banned because the photo was sent to me on my birthday, by someone I don't know IRL, when my extended family forgot about my birthday.
  7. I'm mad, don't talk to me unless you want to get slapped.
  8. Banned for not showing the front of the car.
  9. Banned because you gave no reason for banning.
  10. *hums along with the music being played on the harp*
  11. Banned for your profile picture frowning while wearing a flower crown #onlysmileinflowercrowns
  12. Forum: none Pony: none IRL: 2 boys that are both 3 years older than me. 1 is 2 grades ahead of me 1 is 3 grades ahead of me because of his birth date
  13. Banned for being sad wearing a flower crown #onlysmileinflowercrowns