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  1. Joaquin546

    SFyr's Art Corner

    if you doing them still i'll buy one on tuesday
  2. Joaquin546

    What languages do you know or want to learn?

    Japanese, Germany, and French but i really need to become fluent in spanish considering im latino and just speak english
  3. Today on the Rooster Teeth youtube channel depressing news Monty Oum the lead animator at Rooster Teeth passed away he was 33 now was Monty a brony no but considering how many bronies do inhabit the RT fandom I feel it should be noticed. Now the reason I chose the non pony art work is because while Monty didn't make art for the fandom he did create the popular anime "RWBY" and had a hand in making the popular webseries "Red vs Blue" so today an artist was lost and we should pay our respects to him thank you
  4. Joaquin546

    How Old Are You?

    i turned 20 in December of 2014 and but im 20 years young
  5. I just think that the dazzlings are the foil to the mane 6 that there the elements of disharmony they even have magical stones that give them special powers and don't even get along among each other
  6. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    we should hang out im gonna be hanging out with a couple people already
  7. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    we should hang out! it would be awesome!
  8. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    sweet i'll message you my number
  9. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    we should hangout it would be awesome
  10. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    im coming in from new mexico
  11. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    i don't know about forum meetups but i would love to hang out at some of the other things that there gonna have
  12. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    Hi everypony my name is Joaquin im a brony from New Mexico im 19 and im gonna be going to bronycon this next week but since its just gonna be me I wanted to know if anyone would like to hang out with me? Any individuals or groups of people are welcome
  13. Joaquin546

    Going to Bronycon?

    reserved my hotel room yesterday and im gonna buy my plane ticket and bronycon ticket on tuesday
  14. Joaquin546

    whos going to bronycon?

    im currently in the process of getting my plane ticket and got my hotel room reserved how about you
  15. Joaquin546

    Hi, I'm new! Any bronies play Minecraft?

    yes i play minecraft i have the same username as this one