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  1. Here's my other oc! http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/kenolax-r5347 (this one is based after me :3) And this is the cutie mark!
  2. Thx!,a new one is up! its my new OC!
  3. This is where im gonna post my recents pony arts! And check out my DA Page! http://kenolax21.deviantart.com/
  4. Its finally here! i don't own anything on this video
  5. Here, i gonna help you with this project! http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lightning-flash-r5023
  6. a drawing that i just made! : and a Bronynet cover version of it : hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think! i will make more in the future!
  7. My first try at cinematic! :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGP8IO2y8Qs Hope you like it im trying else then pony-stuff(Im still trying to my best at PMV's) Music : Winterglade - Mannok06 Program used : Sony Vegas 10 Pro
  8. LightningFlash

    Visual Art Kerbin

    Just trying to make a space art style : hope you like it, this is my second time to try making that, and this is a remastered art that is long gone from my art folder
  9. its auto generated, not frame by frame, that gonna take extremely long to make, if it does,it gonna take day's to make something simple like that.
  10. Just me trying to use After effect! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0pf7ExMlRQ i was bored, so i was thinking about the theme song of EQG, so i made this video, so guys, what do you think?
  11. Because i was so bored, i decided to draw my oc so here's the result : NOTE : the first one is a old version of my drawing's And this one :
  12. LightningFlash

    Hi there!

    Hi Zygen! Well become a brony a couple days ago, i joined this forums to see more MLP-Related stuff, My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash because he loyal to his friend like me, i like to draw(Still a newbie at drawing)
  13. LightningFlash

    Hi there!

    well im new on the brony Community, and i have no idea what to say next....
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