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  1. I was and still am afraid of porcelain dolls and clowns. Porcelain clowns are even worse. My aunt had a room full of porcelain clowns. One day ,when I was little, my aunt was babysitting me and I fell asleep on the living room floor so she moved me to the bedroom with the evil legion of clowns. I woke up later to see all those clowns and it kind of messed me up. I've been afraid of clowns ever since.
  2. At first I thought Cthulhu was invading Equestria, but it was just Discord. Silly Discord.
  3. Currently playing Pokemon X and I'm absolutely loving it. Despite what others are saying, I really like the legendary for this version better than the one for Y.
  4. I watched the show before joining the community. At the time, season two had just ended. I thought all of the "controversies" surrounding the show were and still are stupid. -I had no idea there was a controversy about Feeling Pinkie Keen. I like that episode. -I also didn't know there was a controversy over The Mysterious Mare Do Well. I heard Derpy's retconed voice first and actually like that one better than her original voice. -I didn't know there was a controversy about Spike at Your Service. It was kind of a boring episode. -I was aware of the whole Twilicorn controversy. Her beco
  5. I like to turn on a floor fan as I need the white noise in order to sleep. I also make the temperature of the room slightly cool and I think of stories and adventures for characters I create. The characters are usually the ones I created for D&D or video games, but I also like to dream up adventures for my pony OC. If none of that works then a nice cup of camomile tea usually does the trick.
  6. I've been interested in it as I want to be able to help others, but I can't get anyone to go with me. I'm afraid to go by myself because I have social anxiety and I think driving back home afterward would be difficult. I suppose if I was asked to do it by a friend I would. Terrible excuses, I know.
  7. I always end up regretting selling things like video games. I may not want them now but later I always end up wanting to play them again. Now I never get rid of anything and have way to much junk. Also, when I was in 5th grade at a school halloween party, a girl in my class asked me to dance. At the time I was still in my "girls are gross" phase so I said no. It came out meaner than I intended and the sad look on her face still makes me feel guilty. I also think she may have cursed me or something because I haven't had any luck with women since. I'm practically ignored by them.
  8. I can't do romance. I have no real life experience to draw from. I don't do evil characters very well. I can do characters who do bad things but with good intentions, though. I don't have trouble with fighting/tournament types as I often play healing and support roles so I don't expect to win in one vs. one.
  9. Sylentmana


    Clowns-They're weird and unnatural. Going to prison for a crime I didn't commit or didn't mean to commit. Upon join the USN I discovered I'm actually really afraid of the ocean and those that lurk within. My biggest fear are these guys:
  10. I totes fall into the Emma Watson crowd. Secondarily, I've also had a bit of celebrity crush on Ann Hathaway, especially when she wears a tight sweater.
  11. My jimmies get rustled when people constantly ask me for help and then refuse to help me when I need it. I also get my jimmies rustled when people ask me the same question multiple times just rephrased each time. The answer is more than likely going to be the same.
  12. I have a moment of pure bliss every time I take that first bite of Blue Bunny Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. I only eat it for special occasions which makes it all the more amazing.
  13. Twilight- Twi, Twili, Sparklers Fluttershy- Flutterbutter, Flutters Rainbow Dash- Dashie, Rainy Applejack- AJ, Appersauce Rarity- Rare Soft, Disparity (when she's being overly dramatic sad) Pinkie Pie- Pinks, Pinkster Luna- Lulu, Woona Celestia- Sun Butt, Princess of Trolls
  14. Sylentmana

    Visual Art Photography

    These pictures are nice. It's pretty rare to see what looks to be a passenger train. Where is the place in the pictures? Is it Europe?
  15. My parents once told me that one night after I had a big fight with my step-dad, I sleep-walked into my parents' room and tried to sleep-punch my step-dad but punched the cat in the face instead. I don't remember any of it or what my dream was. The cat still hates me.
  16. I got a 31. While I like my results I personally think this test is a crock of horse crap. You can't measure a person's personality with only ten questions. Especially when most of the answers didn't even apply. I had to choose the one I liked the best so I'm not even sure if my results are accurate.
  17. The only time I enjoy a story where evil wins is when its done for comedic purposes or when it sets up the scene for a new story arc where good eventually wins overall.
  18. Sounds like your friend is afraid to swim in the main stream. His ideas kind of make him sound petty and pretentious. There is very little in this world that is truly original, anyway.
  19. This...amuses me. That women apparently did not think her comment through before posting.
  20. Anyone else thoroughly enjoying Final Fantasy XIV ARR? I know I am.

  21. I can't really say that I was ever a convert. I never bashed the show to begin with. In my mind, logic dictated that if there was such a large number of adults that loved the show then it must be good. People don't just flock to these kinds of things for no reason. I'll admit that once I saw Lauren Faust's name on it I knew I had to at least give it a fair shot. It was no guarantee that I would like it, but it did improve the odd that I would. I personally like converts. Nothing says "I told you so" quite like getting a person to come around to your perspective. It's subtle and they might
  22. I hate it when people say "Good Morning". There is no such thing as a good morning.

  23. That was pretty cute and funny. I like how she's so matter of fact about it. "If you don't buy me these ponies then you forfeit all my love. That's it. End of discussion."
  24. I hate grimdark and R34 and stuff like that, but I don't mind ponified versions of things as long as it's done in tribute or light-hearted parody and not taken as a serious thing, like when people ponify anime intros and scenes for fun. Now if they tried to ponify the entire thing, then no. As for cross-overs, I like finding references and elements of shows, movies, games, etc. in fan works, but I don't think there are many things MLP can cross-over with and still maintain it's light tone.
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