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  1. Any advice for first time flyers?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      look out the window, it's breathtaking.

    3. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze

      Be tolerant as fuq

    4. Armin


      Blaze I cried on the way up I can't plane.

  2. Armin


    No u guis... Stahp... Dis thread is supah cereal...
  3. Armin


    So this thread is super cereal, correct?
  4. Armin


    Yes. This fandom is made up of trolls. Everything we have done is an elaborate trolling effort. We watch the show to troll Hasbro and The Hub's ratings for Mlp. Welcome to the Trollocaust. The painstaking genocide of your fragile self esteem will be my swan song.
  5. Really badly visually impaired. Like, I can barely see anything without my glasses on. Also have a numb patch on my knee from where a metal gate was slammed onto it like three years ago. Haven't seen a doctor about it but whatever.
  6. That helped, thanks! And @@ErBoi, thank you anyway but the person below helped.
  7. Can I be 18 yet I want to move out please thanks

  8. This may sound really stupid and may not make a whole lot of sense, as I am a complete noob at Flash. Okay, hello to whoever is reading this, can I just say I know the (sort of) basics, as I have made rotoscope-esque animations before. So, I want to make an animation based on a youtube video. I know how to rip the sound from that, but how would I animate around it, like lip synching and shizz? I've Googled a whole lot of stuff, but alas Google has failed me. Please help. Please. (Also Mods, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't too sure where to put it.)
  9. Armin

    Movies/TV Subbed or Dubbed

    It really depends on the dubbing company for me. I refuse to watch 4kids dubs as 92% they are awful. If I watch dub it's normally by Funimation, as their dubbing is usually awesome (especially if it's Hetalia). But either way, 70% of the time it would be sub.
  10. I love coffee, but it doesn't love me. I drank a few too many and fainted the other day so that wasn't fun. But still, has anyone tried the Monster Energy Coffee? Love it.
  11. 1. Rarity and Twilight 2. Pinkie Pie 3. Rainbow dash 4. Fluttershy and Applejack
  12. It's not just gamer girls, just telling women to get back in the kitchen in any situation is sexist.
  13. I have to draw an OC kissing Maud Pie. I regret offering to take requests on Deviantart. I hate Canon x OC shippings...

  14. Best 1. Rarity 2. Cadence 3. Twilight
  15. Armin

    Twilight Swegle

    Dude it's clearly Opal. Gosh, are you blind?
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